Friday, December 16, 2005


My brother: "i laugh at your puny 5 hours. i'm looking at 17 hours in a minivan."

Dear brother, I would gladly drive 17 hours in a minivan if it meant that I didn't have to sit next to a creepy stranger, (or worse yet, my squirmy husband) in an extremely confined space and breathe recycled air. Not that it matters now because despite the veggies, the vitamin, the most reasonable amounts of sleep I can manage I HAVE A COLD! I have been diligently trying not to get one but apparently that is the surest way. RATS!

At least in the minivan you get a little more legroom. And if you really want to stop and stretch, you can. And you can put down the window when it gets too hot or turn on the heat when it gets to cold. However, when the kid in seat next to you gets sick, you pretty much have to be catcher, since you are related to him. Heh.

You should totally take your Dr Who dvds with you, they will make the time go fast.

*sniffle sniffle* *ah-CHOO!* I hope this is gone by Tuesday morning or I am sneezing on everyone on the plane. If I have a cold EVERYONE MUST SUFFER!

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Jodi said...

Well, I hope you feel better soon. I haven't seen you, so you can't blame me!

Dr. Who dvds...hmmmm...where'd he get those?