Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have very little of interest to write about so I decided to
interview my best friend. Why do you care? Why would you not? She’s a
neat chick!

Hi Jules, how’s your day going so far today?
Its going ok - but there is always time for things to get crazy.

Tell us all what you do…
I work for a printing company. I mainly work on ads for pharmaceutical companies (I can find an ad in any magazine I open that I worked on).
I also work on other ads - not just pharmaceuticals. Also, I design catalogs for auction houses.

How long have you been doing that?
I have been at this company for 10 years & 2 weeks. I worked with you before that as a textbook illustrator for another company. I think I was there for I think 3 or 4 years.

And what kind of things do you do for fun?
Fun... well, I like to watch TV. I find it relaxing after running around like a maniac and working on my computer all day.
I like to watch movies. I like to go out for meals with my friends. I like to shop.
It is starting to warm up here, so I'm very excited. I got a convertible last April and that makes even running errands fun. I'm looking forward to taking a drive to the shore with the top down, eating boardwalk pizza, playing skeeball, sitting on the beach and reading a book and playing chicken with the tramcars.

(Ah, the beach. The tramcars. I do miss New Jersey sometimes.)

So, we’ve known each other a long time. Do you remember how we met?
Because I really don’t. I do remember an annoying incident in Hershey
Park involving you though.
I also remember the Hershey Park incident. We had a mutual friend we were hanging out with and in our 8th grade state of mind thought it would be amusing to "talk like babies" the entire day.
I think we bonded in 9th grade in Mr. Wash's advanced science class (I noted that it was advanced because I find it amusing that we were both at one point "advanced" in science).
I believe we also bonded that year over our mutual dislike of the marching band instructor.

(OK first let me say that you weren’t talking like babies, you were playing “Doug and Wendy Whiner” and second…I don’t remember joining in on that, so I am going to say that I didn’t. Finally, I am fine with science. Its just math that gives me trouble. And Mr. Wash…he gave me books. The only teacher I ever had to encourage reading was a science teacher!)

Let’s see, what else…well, I talk about books a lot. Are you reading
anything interesting right now?
I have a few books started, but I admit I haven't picked them up in a bit. I am rather fried when I get home from work & my eyes don't want to focus on small things. I am in the middle of reading a dual biography of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.
To my defense, I've gotten rather hooked (more than before) on history shows on television. I'll actually sit & watch them for hours on the weekend.

And I know you aren’t very interested in comic books. Any special
reason why not?
I think the reason is that when I read, I tend to see the action happening in my head - like my own private movie. I don't really like having it shown for me - kinda the way when they make a book into a movie, it’s never quite the same.

(I can see your point. Some times I read a whole comic and then realize I never paid attention to the art. But on the other hand, if you find an artist that you really like, I think it really enhances the story. I maintain that there is a comic book out there for everyone, you just have to find it.)

How about music? You are always on the cutting edge. What’s new that
you like? And more specifically, what’s new that you like that I
might like?
I just bought the new cd by the "yeah yeah yeahs" but I'm not sure if you will like it. I'll get back to you on that.
I sent you a cover of Hounds of Love by the Futureheads the other week. I thought you might like them.

(Yeah, that Futureheads song was ok. I would have to hear more to know if I like it or not though. Not huge on the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, but I don’t actually dislike them either.)
This is kinda cool - I've been converting my cds to mp3s to load onto my ipod. I keep pulling out stuff I haven't listened to in ages. It’s great - it’s almost like discovering stuff all over again. So, at the moment, I'm listening to all kinds of stuff.

What have you been watching on TV that’s good? And don’t say “Lost”,
I don’t like that show.
Well, I admit, I am totally hooked on Grey's Anatomy. Seriously. Sometime, my friend the Supermodel & I call each other on the commercial breaks. Seriously.
I am very psyched about Doctor Who being on. I am enjoying that very much.

(How do you like that Denny Duchette? All the writers for Grey’s Anatomy seem to be in love with him because he is “broken”. He does have a cute smile though. I personally am really fond of the Christina/Burke storyline because I can totally relate to the problems of sharing space…any kind of space).
And Dr. Who is the! Well, it's really good. And you, by the way, are the premiere expert on all things WHO. So if you like it-it must be good!

Also, I would like to recommend the show Hustle. It is on AMC on Saturday nights. It is clever & well done. I think its my fav new show of the season.
(I like Hustle too. We watched a bunch of them in a row during a marathon. Have you seen Heist? I think it’s supposed to be the American take on Hustle.)

Since you work in the printing business and hate all designers
because of it do you have any advice for those designers that you hate?
It isn't really that I hate them....
I think designers should be required to work in a print shop for a certain period of time. That way, they would get a good idea of what actually works, or what it really takes to make their ideas work.
It is worse now with the web. A designer can do something that looks great on screen and works for a web site - but no way in hell will it print that way.
My advice to any designer would be if you are unsure, call the print shop you use. Someone there would be glad to answer your question - they would rather answer a question than have to fix a mistake when they are under the gun and time is tight.

(And as an occasional designer, I’d like to just say that you get a lot of people who have computers and consider themselves “designers” because hey, they can. Some are really good. Some are not. Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you are good at the job. I mean, I have a 70-piece socket set, do I think I can fix my car? No. And I am not trying to be a snob about it. I just mean…ok fine I am a snob.)

Hmmm…I usually play 10 questions with Jodi and that’s 10. Anything
else you would like to add?
No matter what I say on your blog, you are the best friend ever. Plus, we share a brain, so I kinda have to say that. (However, I will never let you forget that you forgot my birthday.)

(Fine. I forgot your birthday. But I did apologize publicly AND I had been very, very sick. I had made plans and then fell ill and was not able to fulfill the plans. Sorry. And because this is my blog I will now state that although I forgot your birthday, you did leave an apple pie on the counter for like 6 weeks. So there.)

Anything you want to ask?
Where are you taking me when I come visit you next month?????

Well, I’ve been thinking about this and I do have some plans. I will pick you up at the airport on Thursday and take you back to the apartment to drop off your bags and if you like, take a nap. If you aren’t that tired, we can grab lunch on the way. I was thinking either California Chicken Café or Islands. Then I thought maybe we would catch a movie at the Arclight, if there are any good girly films playing that weekend. The Arclight is right across the street from Amoeba records and I half expect to never see you again once you get inside.

On Friday we are getting up at the crack of dawn and driving down to Disneyland. We will spend as much time as humanly possible on It’s a Small World before heading over to California adventure and getting hammered on wine…actually, maybe we should do that the other way round. Might be more fun.

Saturday…well, I was thinking maybe a visit to Venice Beach? Or if you would prefer, we could head out shopping somewhere. Or if you are feeling cultural, we could head down to museum row. See the tar pits and some art. Then maybe back home for some margaritas, pizza rolls and Gosford Park?

You are leaving on Sunday evening so maybe we could check out that new teahouse in Burbank and just have a mellow day? But if you think of anything else you want to do, just let me know.



dave said...

good interview. i like beth

Jodi said...

Jules seems cool. She was that one time I met her, so many, many years ago. I'd probably get along well with her.

Islands? If I had a best friend travelling thousands of miles to see me, I'm not sure I'd go there. Maybe just my opinion though and I'll scurry back to minding my own damn business.