Monday, April 03, 2006

The Real April Fools

The vegan muffin of the week is chocolate chip with walnuts. I think this is my favorite so far. Jason says his favorite was the carrot but I am still flashing back to that one bite of carrot muffin just past it’s “good by” date. Ugh. I don’t think I will revisit the carrot muffin anytime soon because of that.

Quiet weekend again. Just the way I like it. Knocked around, took a trip to some outlets, bought a silicone bundt pan because who doesn’t need one of those? And did…very little.

I did call my parents because Saturday was their 45th wedding anniversary. Yeah, Saturday, April Fool’s Day. And yes, 45 years. I find it hard to imagine being alive for 45 more years, much less being married that long. I’m pretty sure one of us will kill the other long before then and I don’t doubt that my parents must have felt that way once or twice too. But there they are, still married. And they seem to be enjoying it. Well done, Mom & Dad (who don’t have a computer and don’t plan on getting one so they won’t see this and even if I told them that I had blogged about them they wouldn’t understand because “What the heck is a blog?”).

What kind of people get married on April Fool’s Day, you ask? Well…yeah. Actually, I know that they chose that day in particular because it was close to Easter that year and they wouldn’t have to pay for flowers in the church. So I guess they aren’t foolish at all.


Jodi said...

I often wish I worked with you, but I've reconsidered if it means I'd have to eat vegan muffins.

Congrats to your parents. That's great and hey, you know I'm all for a bargain.

P.S. Your April Fools link said: "Ren, My Arch Enemy." Tee hee!

Chris said...

That's cool about your parents. That means you could get them a box of spring loaded snakes as an anniversary present...