Thursday, July 27, 2006

Before I left for San Diego…before I ruined my voice and immune system forever…I had some great things I wanted to blog about. Now I can’t remember any of them. I suspect one had something to do with zombies but I really can’t be sure. In the end though, isn’t there always something with the zombies?


So here is a photo of the table if you care. There are some more on flickr. It was a grand time but not being much of a talker it really put a strain on my vocal cords to spend my entire day chatting…
“Hey, how are you ladies doing?”
“Hi! How’s it going?”
“Find anything interesting on the floor today?”

And then the pimping. Oh I can pimp! I was once a shoe salesperson. I can sell.

“Well, that’s a little book of haiku about hamsters. The poet photographs her own pet hamster and then is inspired to write haiku about him.”
“These short stories are by noted Y.A. author Sherri Smith, who has two books published by Random House. This is her speculative fiction…”

And it just goes on and on. I’ve got the patter, people. I can sell stuff. But it wears me out.

But if you haven’t been to a comic book convention…no, scratch that…if you haven’t been to the San Diego Comic Con, I highly recommend it as a good day out (Other comic cons…maybe a little too freaky for the uninitiated). It’s so much more than just comic books…and freaks. Actually, I had a slightly drunken conversation with some hip chicks in a bar in San Diego. One of them was overheard saying “Isn’t there some freak show where all these people are dressed up down at the convention center?” I had to explain to her that we are not all freaks and we don’t all dress up. But that’s the entertaining part of the con. Who doesn’t like to see a Klingon holding hands with Batman? Who doesn’t like men in tight shiny pants? Who doesn’t like hot chicks with wings…from a distance, anyway. Don’t get too close, people. The freak…it’s easily transferable.

Last year I posted pictures of my daily comic-con purchases. This year I barely bought anything. Some art from Tom Neeley and Jesse Reklaw. A few books from Young American Comics (I am a fan of “Snakepit”). The new Ellen Forney book…that was about it. For once I actually came back with less stuff in my bag then when I had arrived. Oh, but I did get a new bag from Kid Evil.

So, anyway…make friends with your local geeks. We are nice people. Not nearly as scary as we appear. No…seriously. We don’t all have the costumes in our closets…as far as you know.

wonder woman


Jodi said...

Thanks for being such a great pimp. And yeah, you know how bad my voice was can only imagine how gone it is now. I have completely lost it twice this week. I've been advised by a Speech Pathologist to do "vocal rest" (not talk). In my job...impossible! Grrrrr!

I am jealous that you got so drunk so much (I just knew I couldn't do that having just been so sick).

Can I borrow Snakepit sometime?

You rock. But I think you know that! (or you should by now!)

That WW kind of scares me.

Kari said...

I seriously heart Ellen. She is doing our wedding invites.

So seriously ren, where can I buy some of your stuff? I am all over baby things.

Victoria Winters said...

I don't know....I'm feeling a little frightened here.