Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Tired Girl Collective
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Oof. It’s been a long few days. Well, they are all twenty-four hours but man they feel longer lately. Comic con time just moves differently.

So…yeah…Comic-Con. That’s where I was. And it was really, really…good. I had a very good time this year and I saw almost none of the con. I worked and worked and drank a bit and then worked some more and it was good.

This convention marks my first time selling my “art” type thingies and it went…well. Better than I could have ever expected. Swimmingly, in fact. I set up shop with the other Tired Girls as part of the Tired Girl Collective and I daresay we effing rocked! We had a lovely table with an amazing array of stuff and we all got really positive feedback. It was a very good and affirming experience for me.

I actually went into this with very low expectations. In fact, all I wanted was:
1) No one to laugh at me.

They didn’t but one guy told me that I was a very funny woman. I’ve been telling people that for years but no one seems to listen to me!

2) I wanted “someone special” to buy something from me.

Last year I was purchasing a book from a girl at a small press table and she was kind of dazed and fanning herself. She apologized and said that Joss Whedon had just bought her book and she was a little giddy. That stuck with me and I thought it would be really cool if an artist I liked bought one of my cards or something. And it happened. Carrie Fisher bought a baby t-shirt and a onesie from me. CARRIE FREAKIN’ FISHER TOLD ME THAT SHE LIKED MY STUFF! Carrie Fisher gave me a hug. Yeah, yeah. You can be all blasé about it but I can’t. It was really cool and I totally nerded out on her. How you ask? Did I ask her about being Princess Leia? Did I mention that she was in one of my favorite movies of all time (Not Star Wars, you dope, THE BLUES BROTHERS?) No, I said, “If you are who I think you are and who your nametag says you are and I DO know who you are…I really like your books!” I’m a dork that way.

Yeah and speaking of dorky, my true colors really shine through when I try to compliment artists that I like.

Transcribed from the horrible memories I now have of me being an idiot:

Me (walking up to the Mr. Toast booth): I have a Mr. Toast poster in my office! I love Mr. Toast!
The dude who draws Mr. Toast: Um…excellent.
Me (hanging my head): I’m…uh…a…fan. (wanders away)

Sorry Mr. Toast dude. I’m really not as “special” as I sound.

Also did that to Jesse Reklaw:

Me: Oh, I love your stuff, I’ve been wanting to buy one of your paintings for years. I’m very excited to have one…now. (claps hands).
Jesse: Um…thanks.
Me: No, don’t worry, I am not a stalker. I won’t cut your hair while you sleep or anything. I’m just saying I really like your art. I’m really excited. Really. I swear.
Jesse: OK.
Me (frantic): You don’t think I’m a freak, do you? Because I really just think you're cool but not like I want to like put you in the freezer or anything. I just like what you do. Not that I know what you do…I mean, I like the way you do things. YOUR ART! I LIKE YOUR ART. I don’t sit outside your window and watch you do things. REALLY! I just...
Jesse (dialing phone and whispering into it): help me. please.

O.K. it didn’t go down exactly like that but I really am a dork. And for that I apologize.

Finally, and most importantly. I got to see a few people that I have been waiting to meet in the flesh. Oh god, that sounds creepy and stalkery again, doesn’t it? No, I just mean I finally met Beaucoup Kevin and justJENN. And it was an exceedingly pleasant experience. On top of that, I got to see Mr. Krach, which is always a pleasure and I spent a little time bickering with the artist dude next to me and teasing the boys at Big Boss Comics. And of course there was The Legend of Cod…I mean…The Legend of Cog. It was…lovely. Let’s do it again some time.


justJENN said...

It was nice meeting you. (claps hands)

Haha. That kills me. I plan to add that to the end of all my sentences from now on.

And thank you for not cutting my hair while I sleep.

Kari said...

I need to buy things! baby thing! Where can I buy things from you?

Dan Goodsell said...

You actually said "I have a Mr Toast poster on my wall at work." I wrote it down in my book becasue I thought it was a very nice thing to say.

Glad you had a good show (I didn't get to sell anything to Carrie Fisher).