Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Damn, I love me some dirty hippie science!

If you were to ask me “Ren, is there anything you love more than a good bit of science?”
I think my only answer would be “Well, friend, the only thing I like better then a good bit of science is a good bit of science as explained by dirty hippies through using the “dance idiom” with a groovy soundtrack and hey, maybe you could throw a little C.S. Lewis in there too!”

People, I ain’t kidding you. I thought today was gonna suck. Rough morning but then there was this; Protein Synthesis: an Epic on the the Cellular Level and everything just seems better now. I came across this link at Inky Circus (which you should check out, it’s totally good) and I give you an even more direct link to the representation “symbolically yet in a dynamic and joyful way, one of nature’s fundamental processes. The linking together of amino acids to form a protein”!

It’s long, I know, but man, it just totally made my day that much better.
On an open field at Stanford University in 1971, several hundred students convened to undulate and impersonate molecules undergoing protein synthesis by a ribosome. A few were trained dancers, wearing costumes and colored balloons to identify their roles; most were recruited with the promise of fun and refreshments.

But make no mistake: despite the flower-power feel and psychedelic strains of the "Protein Jive Sutra," this is serious science. The narrator is Nobel laureate Paul Berg, who explains the process in a prologue that introduces the leading players, such as 30s Ribosome, mRNA, and Initiator Factor One.

Paul Berg is my new hero.

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Anna Woltz said...

Ok, I can't believe I just watched this. I think I saw my dad in there. Somehow I feel like I just killed brain cells rather than learned anything. Oh well!