Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gallumaufry Arts

There are plenty of websites that promote small businesses. This has never really been one of them. But I do actually read a few review and shopping promotional sort of sites. Modish and Mixed Plate are my favorites. Recently, I read a review of Gallumaufry Arts on Mixed Plate and the bits and bobs there really appealed to me, so I placed an order.

My little package arrived today and boy is it lovely. I bought a few little things, some earrings, some notebooks and everything is beautifully made. Heck the packaging alone made me feel special. All my little items arrived in a shiny black box decorated with ribbon and a coppery charm. It made me feel like a princess, I tell you, A PRINCESS!

If you need a nice gift for, say, a teacher and you know she’s going to get a million and one little soaps (my mom was a teacher, they always get a million and one little soaps) maybe a cool sticky note notebook would do the trick. Who doesn’t love to use sticky notes? And don’t they always get messy? Yes, yes, they do.

I also got a chain mail ring. Very pretty, very comfortable, very reasonable price. This is good stuff. I say check it out.

I don’t intend to become a shopping blog but since I like to support a lot of indie artists and businesses, I will pass on any good info I get to you. Maybe in a few weeks, when I start my Christmas shopping (Yes, it’s time to start! Heck, my mom is already done. She’s probably got all her presents wrapped too. We are way behind, people. Waaaaay behind.), I will point out a few more cool sites. And maybe you will be inclined to buy from them. I love Target as much as the next person but hey, when you buy indie, you know you are getting something that was made by hand, hopefully with care. And more often than not you get something one of a kind. And who wants to be just like everyone else?


Brenda Griffith said...

The Gallimaufry site is great, and I LOVE the artist bio--especially the pic of Krista circa age 5 holding a BB gun and a dead squirrel...

Jodi said...

Christmas shopping??? Are you serious??? (I know you are!) I haven't even figured out my Halloween costume(s) yet!!! Oh, the pressure!