Thursday, September 28, 2006

How I know it's fall, despite the hot weather.

The candy jar in the office has been invaded by Sweetarts. The Sweetarts have, in turn, overwhelmed the chocolate. Now all the Kisses smell of Sweetarts. Which is really disgusting. Because it looks like chocolate but smells all wrong.

Years ago, I shared an office with only one other person. We didn’t have an open floor plan and we had a huge space between the two of us. Since we managed to find a common musical ground and iTunes hadn’t really been invented yet, we had a boombox and some cds. Sometime around Halloween, we had a monster movie cd. All the background music from famous horror movies that we would put on to evoke the Halloween-y type mood. A few hours into the day I realized that my heart was racing and I was working really fast and feeling incredibly nervous. It took us a few days to make the connection. Every year around this time we start to contemplate bringing the monster music out. We’d certainly get a lot of work done but we’d also probably jump out of our skins at ever little noise.

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