Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's going on?

I haven’t done this in a while but here goes...

I am currently reading these books:
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell- Big, long, heavy book. I read it in little bits here and there. What I have read, I have really enjoyed, but so far, for me, it has not been a “sit down and go at it” sort of book.
The Moor- Just started reading this one on lunch breaks. I decided that The Great Stink, while not particularly nasty, was just disgusting enough for me not to want to read it while I eat.
The Great Stink- I am reading a book about sewers. Is that enough? Should I also tell you that one of the main characters is a cutter? So far, so eh.
How to Cook a Wolf- Genius. I have read this before and I dragged it out to remind me why I like it. If you like to cook this is an excellent book to remind you why you like to cook.

I am currently NOT reading these comics (but I should be…):
Tramps Like Us- borrowed from Jodi, I really need to get my act together and finish reading those. Sorry, Odi.
Watchmen- yeah, yeah. I keep starting and stopping. I know it’s a classic and all but since when do I care about comic book classics?

I am currently listening to:
The Buddha Machine- I am totally fascinated by this thing. I don’t actually have one but I did download the sounds from it. And I listened to a 35 second loop of a tone for about two hours yesterday. It was soothing. Seriously.
Franco Corelli- I listen to a fair amount of opera but I don’t know all that much about it. I heard Franco Corelli recordings on the Premiere Opera Podcast and just fell in love with his voice.
Massive Attack- 100th Window-This album got some kind of so-so reviews. I rather enjoy it. It’s nice when I am driving home and I just need to chill a little.
The New York Dolls- On the flip side, this is what I have been listening to on my way to work and need to wake up. Trashy in all the right ways.

I’ve been watching:
Hmm…well, with all the new shows starting, I have been picking and choosing a bit.
I rather liked “Men in Trees” it was cute and sweet and not at all what TV is like these days. Therefore it will be cancelled.

I’m happy that “House” is back. Sure, it’s the same old story over and over again but I really like the characters…all except that girl. I really, really don’t like her.

I was enjoying “Life on Mars” quite a lot but that has wrapped up its season. I hope it comes back for another as I am completely smitten with Gene Hunt (as played by Philip Glenister). James says that I take my management style from him. Drink whisky and punch until people do what you want. Works for me.

I’m finally starting to catch up on the final season of “Deadwood”. So sad. It’s such a good show and now…poof…all over except for the movies.

And I’m loving “Weeds”. What do I have in common with a widowed suburban drug dealing mom?...Nothing. But damn if this show doesn’t make me laugh.

I did watch “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” the other night. I was not impressed. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it. I will give it another shot or two before deciding but I did like Sarah Paulson so…who knows? I think I just don’t like Aaron Sorkin’s style, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

I’ve been making:
New designs for kiddie clothes with the intention of opening an etsy.com store. Well, that’s the intention…we’ll see if I ever actually do it.

Current Crush:
Philip Glenister who just happens to be the brother of Robert Glenister of “Hustle”, who is also lovely.

What are you reading, not reading, listening to, watching, doing and on whom are you crushing? Or is it nosy of me to ask?


Jodi said...

Reading: Duran Duran: Notorious-Xmas gift that I'm savoring, Skinny Dip-you gave this to me and it's great, fluffy fun, Genie-well, I haven't actually started this, but it's coming in the mail any day now for my book club. I didn't get through Candide for last month.

Comics: Fruits Basket, 1-manga recommended by my sister, Serenity-well, I finished it. It fills in the gap between Firefly and the movie.

Listening: Barenaked Ladies Are Me, but besides that, not much of anything. I should check in with you for new stuff. I'm so dumb when it comes to new music. I need a desk job!!!

Watching: I haven't watched any of the new shows. Next on my agenda is re-watching Serenity with the commentary. I think Eric is recording some of the new stuff, but I don't know. I'm looking forward to "The Shield" starting back up.

Working on: Nada. I want to do something creative and practically have a book written, but haven't put it together. I'm LAZY!

Uploading: Photos from the Barenaked Ladies in-store I went to Tuesday night.

Looking forward to: Dinner with you Wednesday night!

Jodi said...

I forgot to mention I'm of course looking forward to the return of "Lost," "24," and "Battlestar Galactica." I weep when I see the promos for "Battlestar Galactica." Seriously.

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh Jodi I am so jealous! BNL in-store. Yeah, yeah, I am pathetic. For me, let's see...

Reading: Tami Hoag "Prior Bad Acts". Crime thrillers are about all I can handle under deadline. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell wait for vacation (or never).

Listening to Jeff Buckley and George Winston A LOT. It's a strange mix, but it works for me.

Watching House, Standoff and Bones--and the ubiquitous Netflix queue a deux (Dave has two and I have two and we pick really diverse things).

Doing--nothing besides work and weekly ikebana right now. And it's a beautiful fall and I want to get out in the GARDEN!!!

Crushing? Well, Stuart Little's dad (aka Gregory House) is still on the top of my list. What can I say? I like big brains.

Scaramouche Jones said...

Haven't listened to Massive Attack in years. What's wrong with the girl from House?

ren said...

scaramouche--i think she's a poorly written character. she imagines herself to be the moral compass of the group but is, in fact, the most flawed, that should make for a good character but i find her to be TOO santimonious and TOO naive, rather than interestingly flawed. and the actress...well i suppose she's good at portraying that, but is a little too whiny for my tastes. i could go on and on but in the end, it's a very predictable show that i enjoy DESPITE these things.