Tuesday, June 19, 2007


“Ice pick headache.” I think the name pretty much says it all. It keeps happening and then there is a moment of “Oh god, I didn’t think I would die this way!” and then it’s gone. Fun times were had by all. Yuck.

There was no baking this weekend (there were no headaches either, that just started) but baking was received and approved of. Dad likes those brownies and he was kind enough to share his father’s day present with Mom so all is well at the sugar shack. I hope they are eating their vegetables too.

Currently life is moments of sheer panic followed by moments of…slightly less sheer panic. Well, that’s an exaggeration…things are getting tense as the days count down to comic-con. There is much to be done and quite frankly, very little desire to do it. It’s summer! I should be on a beach somewhere with a boat drink and a trashy novel. Wait…I don’t think I have EVER done that. OK, maybe not. But ‘tis the season for freak outs and I know I am not the only who is well on their way. On the upside, my eye hasn’t started twitching yet. So…that can only be good.

But other than that, life is fine. No tragedies that aren’t of my own making. No real problems that I can’t overcome. It will all get done eventually because it has to. Right?...RIGHT?

But late at night, when I know I should be either sleeping or getting a little work done, I have been watching things like “John from Cincinnati” and “Meadowlands.” I liked them both, so now I have one more reason to put things off. Heh.

Oh, one other thing. I brought some left over biscuits and chickpea gravy in for lunch the other day. I find it curious that three people said “Oh, that looks/smells good!’ and one said “Oh my god. What happened on your plate?” it is quite good, actually. But I guess every one’s taste.

Let’s see…anything else? No, not really. Everyone is telling me how hot it is but I’m still in sweaters (although I am wearing flip flops and freezing my toes off out of sheer stubbornness…it’s summer dammit!). Let me just leave you with some entertaining links before I got bang my head into a wall for a while…

The Darwin Correspondence Project. I love to read other people’s letters. Mostly dead people since it would be pretty rude and illegal to open other people’s mail. Darwin is endlessly fascinating to me. So reading his letters…pretty groovy.

Have I shown you this before? The Life Sized Whale? I find it oddly soothing.

Trying to figure out that song at the end of House last week? Try this.

Something I keep forgetting to show Jodi .

And another book site that I wander to occasionally.

And finally, just in case you ever get lost.


Nanette said...

Booo for headaches! Yay for baked goods being enjoyed!

Jodi said...

Well, you know I'm full-on freakin' out. Oh, and the eye twitching has started too. I usually don't click on the links, but felt I had to since my name was on it. Funny thing is, I'd just looked at that through another site! Not so good with the Photoshop and don't have CS, but it's a cool technique.

Felicia said...

That whale thing freaked me out at first and then I couldn't stop watching. You're right it WAS oddly soothing. Where do you find all of these cool sites?