Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Another weekend, another massive round of baked goods…for other people. There were:
24 chocolate chip brownies
24 home made oreo type cookies
12 beaten biscuits (accidentally vegan)
12 vegan jelly doughnut cupcakes
something else that I am forgetting…hmmm. Whatever.

The biscuits were actually partially for me and made a guest appearance underneath some chickpea gravy. Sounds nasty, looks nastier but tastes…really good. Like I took a taste and thought, “eh, it tastes like chickpeas” but under some fluffy biscuits…oh golly that was good. The rest of the biscuits are hanging out in the freezer, looking for an excuse for dinner. And they were accidentally vegan because by the time I finished all my other baking there was only Earth Balance and soy milk left. But it worked. Nicely, I might add. And it’s fun to beat the hell out ‘em as you make them.

Dad will get the brownies and the fauxreos for father’s day. Both seemed to come out fine. I was only going to make the cookies but when I called to ask my mom what she thought of that my dad overheard her talking to me about baked goods and started yelling “SEND MORE BROWNIES!” in the background. So, more brownies it is. I always pack them so they are ready to just go right in the freezer for a day when they might want a treat. I have only just found out that none of my baked goods ever make it into the freezer. Now, I take that as a compliment but I kind of do picture my parents eating dinners of brownies and cookies and giggling how they always made me eat all my vegetables.

In fact, when I took a tour of the U.K. (and Northern Ireland) with my mom a few years ago, I was a little shocked. We did a lot of wandering and didn’t want to spend much time sitting down in restaurants so we would buy a sandwich at a little market, or a pastie from a shop or something quick like that, but as I do love my veggies, I was making an effort to get them whenever I could. One night after a very long walk we stopped at a little cafĂ© for dinner. I was very excited to be able to get a nice roasted vegetable sandwich. My mom had a cinnamon pastry. I made her eat some veggies. And it was like fighting with a toddler. And she had dessert every chance she could. She totally deserves it, she’s worked long and hard and she’s an adult and can have whatever she wants but goodness! I worry that it’s all sugar all the time over there! And before you say anything about how bad I must have been as a child, I never gave her trouble about eating my veggies, well except for green peppers, Brussels sprouts and creamed spinach, but can you really blame me? Everything else was just fine. I did throw fits over Spanish rice though, man I hate that stuff! Wasn’t keen on steak either. Or bluefish, oh and ham steaks…and fish stew…liver…spam...cream chipped beef…I liked the veggies though.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a real bake-fest! I wish I could get inspired to do that. I thought this year would be The Year Of The Cookie but it has turned out, yet again, to be The Year Of The Fish Stick.

Brenda Griffith said...

We need to send Jessie and your Mom on vacation together. They can both giggle and avoid their veggies. *sigh*

Felicia said...

I haven't eaten yet, and you just made me hungry! lol Now I have the urge to bake stuff.

Nanette said...

You are my baking hero!

Jodi said...

At first I was jealous that you did so much baking for other people. And then I read "vegan jelly doughnut cupcakes" and well, I hope the recipient(s) enjoyed very much.