Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This was last week:
I am at the point where I am just powering through. Music on loud and staring at the screen and hopefully things will get done. Hopefully. And that’s WORK, never mind my own stuff…which is just not getting done. And I am tired. Very, very tired. Last week I thought that I was depressed. This week, I’ve got no time for depression! Although I am thinking that the euphoria I am feeling may be related to the tired thing.

Anyway, there was a weekend. A lamp was purchased. Brownies were baked (some with chocolate chips, some with cream cheese swirls), a barbecue was attended and why was everyone insisting that it was great pool party weather and then shivering when they dove in the pool? Not me, no sir. I’ll stay warm thank you.

Next week the husband goes out of town and look, yes, I do love him but yes, I also love time alone. So…I am kind of looking forward to that and all it entails…tofu scrambles, sleeping in the middle of the bed and flipping back and forth between two movies that just shouldn’t be viewed together (maybe something like Dirty Dancing and Dawn of the Dead…DIRTY DEAD!) I keep thinking that while he is away I will get some painting done, get some cleaning done, get a new core exercise regime started but…yeah, I’ll be drinking cheap wine, sleeping too late and watching BBCAmerica.

What I am listening to now: Feist-not sure how I feel about her yet.
What I am wishing I was listening to now: Devo-know EXACTLY how I feel about them!

What I am reading now: Oops, I have like 20 more pages of that The Virgin’s Lover book that I keep not reading. I did read the most recent Carl Hiassen book over the weekend, Nature Girl, it was okay. I think he’s gotten in a rut but you know, it’s a fairly entertaining rut, so whatever.

What I have enjoyed so far today: Vegan pizza, a mini cupcake that wasn’t very good but still make me pretty happy, my brand new Disapproving Rabbit shirt, a picture of teeny tiny hedgehogs…

This is this week (including the weekend):

There were turkey meatballs and homemade tomato sauce. There was a sticky toffee pudding. A new coffee table was purchased as was a new buffet to hide all the booze. I think I have finally convinced the husband that displaying all the liquor isn’t cool if you aren’t in college. Even if it is good liquor. Well…MY liquor is the good stuff. He likes things like Bailey’s. Eeesh. Pan’s Labyrinth has been watched, discussed and researched. It was enjoyed but somehow not as much as expected.

Most work for work was completed and some work for not work was begun. Himself leaves for a week tonight and after that it’s all naps and cheap wine and romance novels…heh.

Annnnnnnyway…I think I am almost there. Almost caught up, almost well rested, almost ready to dive right in and start again…almost.

OH HAY, if you like stuff…and really, who doesn’t? There is all kinds of new stuff in the store! Here are two little bits you’ll find there. I rather like them. Pop on over and check them out of you get a chance. Thanks!

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Jodi said...

Yay! An update. Congrats and I'm jealous you are so caught up and euphoric. I'm sinking deeper and can only manage to literally phone in blog posts of hamster photos. Pathetic.

And one day I will buy from your store...I PROMISE.