Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am tired. Bone weary, I would say, but that might seem a bit dramatic. Tired enough to sleep right now, but always too tired to fall asleep at night. Partially it is getting ready for this craft fair (and yes, everytime I type that it comes out as “crap fair”) and partially it is just my insomnia rearing it’s cuddly and pleasant little head (I figure if I am nice to it, it will go away). But today…tired.

On the other hand, as of tonight, all crap fair stuff will be done. And there may also possibly be a pumpkin pie baked and some sweet potato casserole made. Don’t get your hopes up but anything is possible, right? RIGHT?

Actually, it’s all good, it’s all fine and I can probably even sleep late tomorrow. Gone are the days of the 4 a.m. wake up just to put the turkey in the oven. My tiny turkey will take no time at all. Oop. Probably just cursed myself there. Have you ever had that turkey that refuses to cook? It’s totally defrosted, the oven is working, but for some really strange reason, the turkey remains that weird pinky-blue color and just sits there. The internal temperature rises but not enough, no juices fill the pan…it’s sad really. It happened once, I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Annnnnnyway, tired, turkey…that’s pretty much it. I have things to say and things to do but you know, it ain’t gonna happen until after the holiday.

I love Thanksgiving. I am a very thankful person. I hope that your day is filled with nice things and if they aren’t nice, I hope that they are at least tolerable. And if they aren’t tolerable, have another gin and tonic and be thankful that you have gin…and tonic. Or just gin, whatever makes you happy.

That’s the real point here. I hope that Thursday brings you whatever it is that makes you happy, unless what makes you happy is kicking puppies…so, I guess the real point is..

Um…Happy Thanksgiving?


Pixelgun said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I guess you survived driving while really tired. I had to do some of that tonite and resorted to McDonalds coffee to help me keep my eyes open. Yech!

Brenda Griffith said...

Heh. Happy Thanksgiving to you! The secret to the turkey that never cooks is Deep Frying, baby. Forty minutes cooking time. Zip. Zap. Perfect. Heh.