Monday, November 19, 2007


I am I a bad person just because I joined FaceBook for the sole reason of annoying my nephew into giving me his Christmas list? Probably. But that’s what technology is for, right? Shaming the ones that you love into doing what you want?

It’s a hectic race down to the day after Thanksgiving now. The Tired Girl Collective will be at the Handmade for the Holidays event at the Fairfax High School and I am…not quite prepared yet. But I will be! Well…I hope I will be. We are planning a low key Thanksgiving just for this reason. But, also, because it’s just the two of this time, although I will say, it’s pretty darn hard to find a turkey that weighs less than 12 pounds. I was ready to go for Cornish hens myself.

Heh, I just very dramatically reached for my headphones to signify to my co-workers that I do not want to hear their reviews of current books or movies…and for once it actually worked and they moved away from my desk. This is the problem with the open floor plan office, you are subject to the conversations of EVERYONE ELSE. And quite frankly, I don’t care what they thought of the movies they saw this weekend! And let me just mention here that I was given a wonderful pair of noise canceling headphones for my birthday and my co-workers appear to be the only thing that these headphones CAN’T cancel. They’re loud. Very loud. And proud of it.

Ok, back to work so I can go home, shop for all the Thanksgiving ingredients so that I can then work on things to be sold at the craft fair. Sigh. Never ending.


Jodi said...

No, but you are a bad person for signing up and not asking me to be your friend! Ha!

Don't get me started on my co-workers. Unfortunately, I can't really use headphones. I do keep exclaiming, loudly, "I really need to bring in some ear plugs." I swear they then talk about TopModel (said as one word) or Yummy Yoga or their pumping schedule or whatever other annoying things they blather on about EVEN LOUDER.

Oh yeah, craft fair...tee hee...lots to do...lots to do!!!

acmcclendon said...

well, at least your co-workers don't exclude you from their little cool group on purpose, do they? so see, it could be worse. they could be loud and mean.
i'm starting to think you're excluding me on purpose if you haven't asked me to be your friend on facebook...sniff sniff

stephanie said...

You can also use Facebook to play scrabble and have zombie wars.