Tuesday, November 13, 2007



-I have now commenced purchasing Christmas presents for real. Significant purchases have been made. This is good. Things can get to my mother’s house and she can tell me they have arrived and I can wrap them when I get there. I feel better now.

-I did not go get coffee today. I did however find not one, but TWO different kinds of soy milk that I have been wanting to try at the grocery store: pumpkin spice (it scares me but I can’t look away) and chocolate peppermint (Schwee said “Oh man, there is no chocolate peppermint cow’s milk! That is so unfair! I might have to drink soymilk now!” So, you know, it looks good).

-That organizer? It’s still empty but I did put a sheet of paper with my christmas lists in it. And I did rearrange the pages. Slow and steady wins the race people.

-The moonflower in the terrarium has died. The sensitive plant appears not to be all that sensitive and the aloe just will not grow. But there is a dragon plant now. And more Black Dragon coleus.

-I went to Momoberry. I liked it more than a grown-up should.

-I regretfully must amend my earlier assertions that the elderberry stuff has lessened my cold. While said cold is significantly less brutal than previous colds, it’s still here and I no longer feel comfortable urging others to take elderberries…more testing is necessary. I can advice you that zinc may well shorten the duration of a cold but the taste of it will make you hate life.


Felicia said...

I bought some of that pumpkin stuff and put it in my coffee. HEAVEN!

Anonymous said...

i haven't had caffeinated coffee since july. now apparently i may have to stop the decaf too and the naturopath suggested i try CAROB instead of chocolate. yeah right. soon there will be nothing left for me but lettuce. organic of course.