Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am the queen of sad lunch. You know sad lunch? That’s when the place you work has a fridge and you know you have some stuff in there but you aren’t sure what it is but you don’t really want to go out and get something else, so you eat what you find. Sad lunch.

Today’s sad lunch: youghurt eaten standing up…with a fork. Three “tofu nuggets”.. Just tofu, not chicken flavored or anything, tofu flavored. They were ok, but not something I want to eat more than three of at any given time. A few crackers with hummus. Then I gave up. It’s wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t…it was sad lunch.

In other news. I received a phone call from a co-worker this morning. Naturally, I thought he was at his desk, why wouldn’t I? Turns out he was in the comic book store and he was calling to ask if I wanted him to pick me up the new Scott Pilgrim comic. And I did! So he did! (I thought I was special but when he showed up and handed it to me, it was a stack of like a million). But now I have the new Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together. And I started reading it. And it is good.


Jodi said...

What is this youghurt you frequently mention? Oh, and can I borrow Scott Pilgrim when you're done reading it?

Felicia said...

What a sweet co-worker. Who is Scott Pilgrim?

Anonymous said...

i can totally relate to the sad lunch. today for my afternoon snack i had steamed broccoli and some peanut butter.