Friday, April 04, 2008


I wrote a whole post about what I am doing now. What I am reading, what I am watching all that stuff that I usually fall back on when I am stumped for a post. And then…I misplaced it. I know it’s around here somewhere because I read it recently but…eh. Whatever. I can do it again since it’s probably all changed from the time I wrote it anyway.

What I am reading: BAH! I know this has not changed because I am really struggling to read this book. It’s annoying me and I could just put it aside and not finish it but I started it and I have a really hard time just abandoning a book. I was rolling along with my “read more books in 2008” campaign until I hit this one. I WILL FINISH IT. In fact, I could finish it if I just sat down for an hour and read. But I can’t bring myself to enjoy it.

What is this tome of dread, you ask? Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a New York Times best seller. And not my cup of tea at all. In fact, it’s making me want to punch someone so I will just leave it at that and maybe come back to discuss it some other time when I am less annoyed.

UPDATE: Finished it. Threw it in a box to mail back to my mother. Contemplated attaching a note to it, a note with a face like this:

So now I have started the most recent Jasper Fforde Thursday Next novel (First Among Sequels) and I am feeling better about reading again.

What I am watching: Jose: Made in Spain, Sense and Sensibitlty, Eli Stone

Have you seen Jose: Made in Spain? Am I the only person obsessing over this dude and his food? He’s just so damn happy! I love when people are happy with what they do. And every time he’s on screen he’s got a glass of wine. How could I not love that?

And thank you, Masterpiece Theater. I didn’t love all your Jane Austen, but you did the best Northinger Abbey, a very nice Mansfield Park and an excellent Sense and Sensibility (part 1, part 2 remains to be seen). Your Persuasion, however, sucked it. Hard. Go back and do it again. (But thanks for the David Morrissey in S&S…that made me happy).

And as for Eli Stone, well, I am sure it will be cancelled because I enjoy it. I would say, for the most part,it’s not been the stories that made it appealing, it’s been Jonny Lee Miller's amazingly expressive face (and when did he go from “hottie” to “boyishly adorable”? doesn’t it usually go the other way around?). But then the television knows that I will try to watch anything with Victor Garber or Tom Amandes in it, so yay! The best way to describe it is…charming. But there are a lot of potential layers there, layers to do with faith, trust, morality and George Michael In general, I doubt you will like it, but me, I am loving it. So yeah, sorry Eli Stone, I think I just rang your death knell.

Oh and The Riches is back! The Riches is back! I am a happy, happy girl.

What I am listening to: not a lot, but I have this list that I carry around in my pocket. (Actually, it’s a “Pocket Mod”) and on one of the pages I keep a running tally of the cds I want to pick up next time I am out cd shopping. It currently looks like this:

m. ward
she & him
bob mould
nada surf
the weepies
kate nash
vampire weekend
gary louris
except it’s in my scratchy handwriting.

I have managed to get hold of a smattering of all of these and there will have to be a large amount of money spent on actual cds soon.

What I am cooking: After the whole Easter shebang, I have not had much urge to do big cooking. I have made dinner, but nothing special. But I do have a carton of cream in my fridge that was intended to top some chocolate souffl├ęs, which I never did make, and my husband is going out of town soon, so I guess I’d better get on that. I THINK I made lemon souffl├ęs once, I am not sure, so I am a little worried about how this will work, but…chocolate is pretty much always good, so…

What I am drawing:
Fruits and vegetables and cupcakes. There will be new stuff in the shop from me…soon. I SWEAR!

Currently crushing on: Ah, Jose, you are so cute when you get all excited about cheese and say things like “Somehow this makes something good.” And the Riches is back! Which means Eddie Izzard is back! Sadly, he never dresses in drag on that show but I will take what I can get. Oh and David Morrissey is Col. Brandon in Sense and Sensibilty and I just couldn’t be happier. If The Rickman isn’t going to play it, at least Morrissey is. I also may have a small crush on Jasper Fforde, but I only just learned that he was cute, my actual crush seems to be on his vocabulary and narrative bending skills.


Anonymous said...

oh yes we definitely need cupcake cards, i have been meaning to ask you for some. please hurry and send, i can't wait anymore!!
oh and if you get that she & him cd let me know what you think and if it's good maybe i can um, "borrow" it from you...

Anonymous said...

oh yeah that reminds me i owe you a punk rock cd don't i...

Joanne said...

Life is too short to read bad novels! If you don't like it, put it down. Or do what I do... read the last chapter and then put it down. :) I've been struggling with Eden Close by Anita Shreve. I just can't do it. I don't care about these characters. However I sped through A Light On Snow (I think) also by Shreve. And I liked that Fforde book. I think it is part of my $15 of overdue fees at the library. :)

Jodi said...

I love The Riches too!

Oh, and I can HIGHLY recommend the new R.E.M. album!

Anonymous said...

I've been making cupcake cards too! I am seein' 'em all over the internet right now.