Monday, April 28, 2008


Did I mention the talking trash can? I didn’t did I?

I had heard about the remote control trashcans at Disney parks before and I saw one in Florida, but it didn’t appear to be talking, just chasing some kids around. But while we were in California Adventure we got a little turned around, so my friend pulled out her map (she is obsessed with Disney maps, by the way, I just feel the need to say that). I saw the trash can out of the corner of my eye, it came charging down a back alley way and started calling to her “Hello! Are you lost? Can I help you find something?” She didn’t notice it at first and I said “Um, I think that trashcan is talking to you.”

It was really cute and really nicely done. The trashcan was friendly and a little sarcastic and told us that it would lead the way to “Soarin’” We had a nice little chat along the way. Kids were absolutely perplexed by it, running up and shoving their hands in the trashcan to see who was inside (no one, just trash). The trash can informed us that his name was PUSH and chatted with us for about ten minutes as he guided us most of the way to our destination. He asked where we were from and upon hearing about our Jersey roots questioned us about Bon Jovi and the Boss.

I gotta say, I was impressed with how smooth the trashcan was, both in his motions and in his patter. I scanned the crowd to find the operator and it took me several minutes to pick him out. Youngish guy, blue jeans, white shirt and a black bag slung across his chest. He kept his hand up to his mouth as if he was thinking or rubbing his chin and as soon as he saw me identify him, he totally disappeared into the crowd.

Later I called my husband to let him know that my friend had been hit on by a talking trashcan. He said “I thought you went to Disney, not to Hollywood.” Ha.


justJENN said...

I like those things. I am forever wary about throwing my trash away, though.

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! I saw that trash can at the Disney in FL and the kids were entranced!

jules said...

i want to say 2 things.

one - there is nothing wrong with having a map in a theme park - but that map was not the best.

two - i was very disturbed that the children were not just sticking their hands in the trashcan but were hitting it. i chased them away. but it was disturbing. here was this speaking, moving "creature" and because they didn't understand it, they hit it. and it was more than one child that hit it. do people just hit things they don't understand????

oh - by the way - it was a very nice trashcan.

Jodi said...

I'm bummed that I've never seen one of those.

Yes, Jules, people do hit things they don't understand. Charming, eh?