Tuesday, April 22, 2008


A few things I feel the need to say:

I have, through magic, seen the first two episodes of the newest series of Doctor Who and I am pleased.

Also, I was informed today that David Morrissey will be in the Christmas Episode this year. Thank you TV gods, you have done a good thing.

Pretty, pretty.

I have a headache but this chocolate filled with strawberry balsamic caramel seems to be helping. Please send more.

I have written several blog entries lately that remain unposted. I am getting to it.

I was advised last night to view Rules of Engagement, I show I am largely uninterested in despite the presence of Megyn Price and Patrick Warburton. This particular episode however, was written by Savage Steve Holland. It made me laugh out loud. Sometimes you just don’t expect the funny and then there it is

It is apparently impossible for me NOT to buy books. Intrigued by Janet’s mentions of Martin Millar and a cool looking cover, I sought out two of his books. Then Captain Blogger goes and mentions his favorite books and since we have several in common, I demand that he reads The Death of Vishnu and he says only if I read Midnight’s Children, which sounds like a comic book and…now I have three more books to add to the pile. And I had been reading a lot, but then I read that crappy, crappy book my mom sent me and I kind of fell out of the reading habit. Which is weird because all I ever want to do is read! But one bad book will do that to me, I guess. Annnnnyway…new books on their way. Many other books await reading. So much for cleaning! And for the record, I got them all cheap on half.com. I am totally interested in using bookins or the like but they never have the books I am looking for.

There are cupcakes at home, calling my name…can you hear them?

Oh! Oh! Kind of awesome if you are a geek like me!


Janet said...

"...chocolate filled with strawberry balsamic caramel"...huh? wazzit?

Tim said...

I promise I will read "The Death of Vishnu" as soon as finals are done!

Anonymous said...

i have only seen the first episode of the new dr who and i thought it was...eh. i dunno, no soul. (although it had geoffrey palmer in it, yay) i hope they get better.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Dr. Who but isn't this hottie the guy that was in Sense and Sensibility on Masterpiece recently? Must think about watching Dr. Who now...