Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Extra Special Comment From Jules

Concerning what she learned from television and caveats thereof:

“ok - the crazy glue thing does work on fingernails. however, here is a
word of warning - and first i want to say, i never claimed to be
thinking all the time.

i was on a plane to come see you. my fingernail caught on something and
ripped rather low. however, i had my nail kit in my carry on. i took out
the crazy glue to patch the nail.

crazy glue at high altitudes is not a good thing. the entire bottle
leaked onto my hands. i tried to clean it off with the drink napkin.
then the drink napkin was stuck to my hands.

i ended up pulling out my hand cream, and just kept reapplying from
about the mississippi river until we landed in california. the guy in
the seat next to me kept looking at me like i had some strange hand
cream fetish - he had missed the crazy glue part.

so, stay away from crazy glue on airplanes.”

And I would like to add...KrazyGlue is KrazyFlammable. So pay attention when you use it to fix a nail and then light a cigarette...not that I have ever done that...but I did once set my freshly painted thumbnail on fire by accident.

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