Sunday, September 18, 2005


Quiet weekend, for the most part. Spent a lot of money on art supplies that I will probably never use. Watched a movie in Jodi-odi-odi's back yard (Better off Dead, a classic film). Read some comics, caught up on Fables, Hero Camp, Girls and The Brontes (where is that little umlaut thing on this keyboard?).

Today I had intended to do a lot of cleaning Ended up just puttering around. But quiet is nice, I like quiet. I'm a homebody any way. OH! OH! I did make cupcakes. Dark chocolate with whipped cream cream cheese frosting. They were ok. I thought they were a little dry but totally edible. I'll try them one more time before I decide if they are keepers.

On the 15th, my oldest nephew turned 13. I called him today to ask how his birthday had been. He said it was good. We talked about band, school and the presents he got (Nintendogs!). It sounds like a big ol' chiché but I do remember the night be he was born. It doesn't actually feel like just yesterday but it certainly doesn't feel like 13 years ago. I remember him eating dirt from a flower pot, being afraid of the dark...all that stuff that I will drag out of the attic now that he is a teenager. But wow...he's a teenager. I don't live near him so it's easy for me to say but he has always been, to me, a lovely person. He has a great sense of humor, amazing manners (especially for a teenager), and a quick mind. I am terribly proud of him. I think he's even listening to real music now (there was that brief run in with Aaron Carter...). But despite that...I love him. I am proud of every day of the 13 years he had lived so far and can't wait to see what the next 13 bring for him.

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Jodi said...

Your nephew sounds cool. I know exacty what you mean because of the age difference between me and my brothers. I remember when both of them were born (as I was already a teenager) and lots of funny stories.

My Mom used to always tell me that as I got older, time would go by so much faster. I never knew she was so wise. Where does it go?