Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ten for Jodi but answered by me.

And why do I answer my own questions? Because I am too lazy to write something else, that's why.

1. THIS IS THE ONE I KEEP FORGETTING! And now you are going to think it’s a really good question too, but it’s not…if you had to give of one of your five senses, which one would it be and (briefly) why?

I asked Jodi this question because it’s a really hard one for me to answer. I had always thought I would say smell but only it is only recently that I have realized that I use my sense of smell a lot. A lot a lot. Like I know if I have added enough spice to the meatballs by the way they smell. I know when a cake is done by smell. I know when my cat is sick by her smell (and I actually don’t mean by her litter box but by the smell of her fur). Mind you, these are not fail-safe methods but I have really come to realize how much I actually use my sense of smell and never notice it.

So it is with that in mind, and some sadness that I would have to say that I would give up my hearing. Actually, as a child I had a lot of inner ear problems and I think I must have once been told that I might lose my hearing. Being the clever little brat that I was, I immediately set out to teach myself sign language and lip reading. Um…yeah, well, maybe not that clever because I can only sort of do them. But I can finger spell in ASL and I know a few words. I also find that I very often don’t really understand a person unless I am looking at them as they speak, so maybe that lip reading thing paid off after all.

2. I recently wrote a little bit about Los Angeles and what I can love about it, even as I do not love living here. What do you love about L.A.?

Didn’t I just say that I wrote about this already? Jeez, stop being so redundant.

3. You’ve been going to a lot of concerts recently, if you were a rocker, how would you rock?

I generally like to say that I would rock hesitantly and s lightly out of tune. Also only until 9:30 because I have to work tomorrow.

4. And what would you play?

Ah. I did once play the bass briefly and poorly. So I’m going to have to stick to my claim of being a bass player

5. And what would you name your band?

Well, my all girl punk band with Sherri is called “Snapcrotch”, my emo band is “tired girl”, my folk band is "Medicinal Angels" and my metal band is "Maidenhead" (from a former project with an old friend).

6. I recently bought maps of Dublin and Edinburgh, two places I have visited and to which I would love to return. Both cities felt very comfortable to me. Where do you feel most comfortable (in that sense, not in like a jammies and bed sort of sense)?

I really like Wales, I think, if there were jobs there, I could actually live there quite happily. I did feel really comfortable in San Juan, Puerto Rico but that was 20 years ago. And I pretty much always feel at home in Philadelphia.

7. Speaking of comfort, it was to my surprise that I found that my ultimate comfort food is…tofu. Do you have a comfort food? (Did I ask you this before?)

I do love that tofu. And here is the best thing to do with it:

Crush up some crackers, Ritz type are good but saltines will work just fine too. Breadcrumbs will also work but I have to say I like it best with the Ritz type. Sauté those in a bit of olive oil until they get toasty, add some chopped green onions and then crumble in some tofu. You can use any firmness but I actually like the soft best. Then just stir around a bit until it’s a consistency you like. I like it a little dry. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste and then eat it scooped up with toast. This never fails to make me feel happycozycomforted.

8. I know there are no better dogs in the world than your three but do you have a favorite breed (and I do not condone dog breeding or anything of the sort, but all dogs come from some breed way back).

Oooh, I like dogs. All kinds of dogs but I am especially attracted to westies, dachunds and greyhounds. And I have a fondness for pit bulls. I think when they are raised properly they can be very loving dogs.

9. Other than dogs, do you have a favorite animal?

I like giraffes a lot. They are just so…amazing looking. The pattern of their hides, the neck, the soft eyes. Just really beautiful. Of course I like cats as I have one that I adore. And I like to watch the hippos. I know they can be mean as the dickens but they look so happy.

10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

It used to always be chocolate chip mint but I don’t get that much anymore. Sometimes I like Cherry Garcia or one of the posh Godiva chocolate ones but mostly I eat soy ice cream and my favorite of those is probably chocolate peanut butter.

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Jodi said...

Can I be in one of your bands?

I haven't updated today. I want to, but I don't want to get all political, etc. and I feel so sad and anxious about the current state of stuff. Grrrr.

I'm sure I can think of something silly to write about later.