Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So I was walking down the hallway in the office when all of the sudden this dude comes around the corner in full motorcycle regalia, leathers, gloves, helmet, and, in a testament to my nerdiness what was my response?


Apparently, I did actually gasp and jump because he just giggled and said “Boo!”.

Honestly, I thought “DARTH VADER!” I am not just making some nerdy joke.

I am so lame.

In my defense, I am very, very tired.

Yeah, I know, that’s no defense. I really am a dork.

OH HAY! I’ve been making vegan muffins again. Last week was cranberry almond and they were good, but last night I was messing around. I wanted mocha chip muffins but I had no chocolate chips and I really need something with more protein and staying power and whathaveyou, so I made the chocolate base with some whole wheat pastry flour mixed with the white, and then I put in some cinnamon because cinnamon is good for you and then I threw in some walnuts and…I was afraid. I don’t actually like cinnamon in my chocolate and I wasn’t feeling the walnuts and I was kind of wondering if they weren’t a little rancid and why oh why didn’t I just wait and put some chocolate chips in there and why didn’t I leave out the coffee and…and…

Man, those are some good muffins! Sometimes it just all comes together.


Anonymous said...

sounds delish! would they travel well, in, say, a package to tulsa???

California Girl said...

Yum Yum! Somehow, it always comes together :)