Monday, February 26, 2007

Half dozen.

There was some baking done this weekend. Nigella’s Brownies, which, though delicious, are also terrifying. Who knew that any one food could contain 3 sticks of butter (plus two tablespoons) and six eggs? Not I, my friend, not I. They are good, I will give them that and the two times I have made them for parties, they have gotten a grand reception, but…six eggs. Wow.

Let’s see, what else? Ah, more vegan breakfast muffins. This time made with whole wheat pastry flour to pump up the fiber content and…um…a few chocolate chips for the…antioxidant value…yes…that’s why I put chocolate chips in there. Just a few really.

And I made my first foray into the vegan cupcakes. I gotta say…good stuff. I didn’t know how they would be but I quite liked them. James said something about it being a dryer cake but when I tried them I didn’t think dry, just…differently moist. In fact, they are quite moist, but not in the way a non-vegan cake would be, different texture, but with a tender bite and nice crumb. So yes, the chocolate coconut cupcakes with coffee (faux) “buttercream” (see, I put both the “faux” there AND I put the “buttercream” in quotes to let you know that it wasn’t real butter because that would not be vegan but non-hydrogenated margarine cream frosting doesn’t have the same ring to it and it takes longer to type out…even though I did…and thus rendering my efforts pointless…sigh) frosting…very good. I am excited to try another kind of cupcake.

I watched the Oscars at the yearly party at chez SnarkyDork. I realize that I have been going to this party for…the whole time I have lived in L.A. and I was there where there were only like ten people. Now there are millions. Millions I tell you! Not being a party girl, I pretty much end up in the kitchen chatting with Jodi and whomever wanders through. I had only seen one of the movies and…well, I am just not a movie person, but I am a Jodi person, so that was nice. And on top of that I get to see people that I only see once a year, or sometimes a few times more a year but not all that often either way. So there.

Other than that? Not much. But that seems like enough as I am ready for my nap now.


California Girl said...

It's always enough! Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the Oscars :)

Jodi said...

A "Jodi person?" I like it! Thanks again for gracing us with your presence. Yeah, the party evolves and morphs over the years. I was pondering how the Ithaca contingent shrinks every year...there were only 6, besides Eric and me, this year. We've had up to 18 or 20 I think. I blame it on all the babies. Damn babies.

acmcclendon said...

I suspect that there are lots of people who are "Jodi People" - I used to have a friend like that here but sadly, she moved back to Austraila. Now there is no "Jodi" and I am certainly not that magnetic of a personality so I spend a lot more time with the cat.

Yvett said...

Seriously, EVERYONE was at that party. I'm all left out in Arizona.

Jodi said...

Ha! AC makes me laugh. I'm hardly magnetic...I think it's the meatballs that my husband cooks every year that get people coming back.