Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This the conversation that has been going on my head lately:
“Hmmm. I don’t feel so hot. Maybe I am getting sick.”
“Nah. I’m not sick. I’m just a little tired. And cold. And my neck hurts a little. And my ears seem a little clogged. But I’m not sick.”
“Aw, crap, could I be sick?”
“No. No. Definitely not sick.”
“Or am I?”

So far, I think I am just feeling a little run down and oogy. But I don’t think I am sick. Unless I do. Then I am.

See what’s going on here? I am making an effort to not make myself sick by thinking I am sick. But then I wonder if that’s such a good idea if I am actually sick.

Oh well. I will take my vitamins and go to bed early and assume it will all clear up by morning and I will awaken bright eyed and bushy tailed…yeah…that has never happened. Not the “awakened not sick” part of it, the “bright eyed and busy tailed part” THAT has never happened. Not a morning person, me. Never have been.

In fact, my mother likes to tell this little story about kindergarten and me. I was in the “morning” class. This was back in the stone age when kindergarteners only went for half days and weren’t yet required to know the square root of 2678 and the philosophic principles of Camus. But much like now, I was not a morning kid. Not by a long shot. So I would wander into school and do what I had to do. One day the teacher asked my mom if I had…something wrong with me. Some that would…make me lethargic until about 10:30 or eleven. Was I on some kind of…medication perhaps? My mom explained to her that I was just not a morning person and the teacher stopped worrying and didn’t ask me to do anything too tricky before 11. No operating the heavy kindergarten machinery.

No, I just don’t like mornings. Garfield and me. Still don’t. And before you go all circadian rhythm on me. I have worked day shifts and I have worked night shifts. I have gotten up at 5 am and I have gotten up at 2 pm. And it never made a difference. I am just not a morning person. But tomorrow…I will still not be a morning person, but hopefully I will be a non-morning person who feels less oogy.


Anonymous said...

"oogy" is such an excellent word, one of my favorites!
i guess i am a morning person - i feel best right after breakfast. but then right before lunch i crash.
anyway, hope you are feeling better...YOU ARE NOT SICK! i think.

Jodi said...

I really hope I didn't get you sick. Eek. I'm definitely not a morning person either...unless you count still going at 3am...