Friday, February 16, 2007


Since lovely people keep asking me, I guess I should say my Valentine’s was pretty nice. Despite the fact that I love the day, and always have I don’t really DO anything on the day. Normally I would give cards to friends and family but this year, I got caught up in other things and I kind of flaked on that. I did give a very special card to my husband featuring a unicorn vomiting rainbows (I purchased the card from here). This ties into the card I gave him last year which I made myself and featured a unicorn farting rainbows. So, you see, I like Valentine’s Day but I am not exactly a romantic.

In fact, when I was in college, my roommate claimed to HATE Valentine’s Day, even though she always got tons of cards and flowers and candy from her various suitors. So, being the nice roommate that I was, I would placate her and enjoy myself by decorating our dorm room with broken hearts and black roses and elegantly calligraphied quotes that said things like “On Valentine’s Day when your love hands you one red rose, ask yourself…who got the other eleven?” and “What better way to commemorate the martyrdom of a third century holy man whose head was chopped off than by eating chocolate from a heart shaped box?” Hmmm. Maybe we should exchange chocolate heads instead. Yeah, not very romantic.

This year was a little stressful. We usually just order a pizza and enjoy and evening together but I am shunning dairy, so we thought we’d pop out for some tacos. But, in a disturbing turn of events, a man decided to throw himself off a freeway overpass onto the road I take to get home. He survived but the traffic was pretty bad. I don’t know his motivations but I hope the fall cleared his head and he’s in a better frame of mind now. Traffic recovered as well but since it took so long to get home, James picked up tacos and we stayed in. I gave him a dozen whoopee pies and he gave me a book of Beatrix Potter’s journal entries, decoded. Did you know she wrote in code? And that she was an expert on fungi? Not very romantic…but very, very cool.


Anonymous said...

although some of my valentine's days have sucked, they were never so bad that i wanted to jump off an overpass...i guess it can be a stressful holiday...
glad you got to enjoy your tacos anyway!
why are you shunning dairy? health reasons or ethical reasons?

California Girl said...

oh dear! That suicide-committer-attempter must have not gotten the valentine's day of his dreams! Happy your day still turned out sweet :)

Yvett said...

You know, I'm laughing but I feel bad for that poor man.

Thanks for the links!