Monday, April 02, 2007


Sometimes I start baking and I just can’t stop. It’s a sickness really. I had planned on making some vegan cupcakes because I had this container of vegan frosting in the fridge that I really didn’t want to go to waste, so there was that. Then I wanted to make an anniversary present for my parents. Last time I sent my mom cookies she mentioned that she really liked the almond sugar cookies. So there were cookies too. Then I needed to make something for breakfasts and I had some old bananas sitting on the counter. What does one do with old bananas? One makes banana muffins with chocolate chips and almonds (vegan style). But one forgot to use the whole wheat pastry flour and flax seeds that would make such a thing a slightly more nutritious breakfast so one had to make another set of muffins and, one started to feel guilty about including chocolate chips in a breakfast muffin, so one put the last of the strawberries in there instead.

There was much baking this weekend.

But you know, it’s kind of cool. I was not thrilled with the idea of healthy(er) banana strawberry whole wheat muffins with flax seeds and almonds. They just sounded really…healthy. And although I like my breakfasts to be…ok, look, if I had it my way, it would be Oreos for breakfast, but I don’t and it’s not. But, it was with not a little wariness that I bit into that healthy(ish) muffin this morning. And it was…good. Perfect for breakfast. I like when that happens. When I think I am not going to like something and then hey, I do! Yay!

So I added some links if you are interested…except…I did it a few days ago and now I can’t remember which ones are new…I’d start at the bottom of the lists, that’s where I usually put them. Oh and there’s that iLike thing on the sidebar now. See, Brenda was looking for a way to link to snippets of a song and I had seen a few people who were using that thing, and I suggested that she try it. Then I decided that if I suggested it, I had better try it myself. So now you can mock my musical tastes in real time. Yeah, you can just go ahead and email about the weird stuff I listen to. And I will ignore you.

Oh, oh, I watched the first episode of The Tudors…I kind of liked it. I will watch more but…ok, first, I didn’t know that Sean Pertwee was in this show…and then I discovered why I didn’t know. SPOILER…ok, well not if you know history, which apparently I don’t…He dies. Quickly. So much for that. But this show really does say something about my tastes in men. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a young Henry VIII, that’s fine, I like him well enough, he’s been in some movies I liked. Cool. Then there’s a bunch of young guys who get nekkid. Ok, fine. I have no problems with that. BUT OH MY GOSH! Jeremy Northam and Sam Neill are in it as Thomas More and Cardinal Wolsey respectively…so…I’m guessing they aren’t getting nekkid in this series, eh? Oh well.


acmcclendon said...

would you consider sharing your recipe for banana strawberry whole wheat muffins with flax seeds and almonds? sounds yummy. and healthy.v

Jodi said...

What's so unhealthy about chocolate chips? And I never got into this mixing strawberry and bananas thing. I like both on their own. I know...weird.

Felicia said...

Umm, I agree with acmclendon. I would love to have that recipe for those muffins! They sound yummy!