Thursday, April 05, 2007


WooHoo! It’s Maundy Thursday! (I just like to say “Maundy Thursday” because when I was a kid I thought it was “Monday Thursday” and would get all confused.)

Cupcakes of any kind are unlikely this weekend. Somehow I am making Easter dinner for friends. I say “somehow” because that was not my original intention but my husband announced to the world that I would be making lamb and that friends should come over. How did that happen? Whatever. Now I am making lamb and just one friend has turned into two, still not a huge production but now I have to change out of my pajamas. Rats.

So it’s lamb stuffed with a…um…I don’t really know what you’d call it…sort of a gremolata of parsley, lemon zest, garlic, breadcrumbs and a little anchovy paste. Steamed fingerling potatoes with olive oil and sea salt, asparagus (I like mine plain but I was considering some hollandaise for others…ah, screw that, they can use butter!), home made challah bread and for dessert…sticky toffee pudding (which I have never made, so keep your fingers crossed!). Sounds like a decent meal to me.

I love making bread but I haven’t been doing it lately. I keep seeing this recipe on line for the no knead bread and thinking “Well that’s the fun part! The kneading! Why would you take that out?” so I am kind of looking forward to that. And usually I made this lemon thing for dessert, it’s like a soufflé type thing that makes it’s own sauce. Well last year I realized that I actually just don’t like it. I don’t like lemon desserts and I don’t want to make it anymore. Hence the sticky toffee, which almost violates my rule of “dessert is not dessert unless chocolate is involved” but it’s got a kind of caramel sauce, so all is well.

Right, so not terribly exciting for anyone else, eh? You’re not all “YAY! Ren will be kneading bread! Won’t that be lovely?” or “HURRAH! Sticky Toffee Pudding!” are you? No. Sorry. Though I sincerely doubt that anyone shows up here on Monday mornings wondering if I have made vegan muffins.

So, in lieu of actually posting anything of interest, I offer you more confessions…because I am lazy like that.

  • I once had a tragic “tooth chipping incident” that involved a bottle of tequila.

  • I chew the tips of my pens so other people won’t steal them.

  • I lather and rinse but I never repeat.

  • Clive Owen’s slightly uneven earlobes bother me.

  • I love Shakespeare but I have a terrible crush on Christopher Marlowe.

  • I wore a retainer thingy through most of high school and part of college. I haven’t worn it since but about once every three months, as I am driving down the road on my way to work I think “Oh shit! I forgot my retainer!”

  • I wear glasses when I am working but not any other time. So when I draw myself or am drawn by the people in my office, it’s often with glasses, which confuses people who have never seen me wearing my glasses.

  • My page a day calendar is currently on March 1.

  • I won’t buy pants that don’t have pockets.

  • I use Jodi’s blog roll instead of a reader…she’s got most of the stuff I want anyway.

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Jodi said...

Really? Hmmm.

I'll be celebrating the "holiday weekend" by working on Saturday and doing our taxes on Sunday. Good times.