Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Art of Serving Food Attractively...

...printed in 1951 and written by Mary Albert Wenker...

Just two quick tips on appetizers:

Hollow out tiny cook beets to form cups and fill with chopped cooked clams.
Parboil onions and scoop out center to form onion cups. Refill with a colorful relish or tiny hot meatballs.

Say it with me...tiny, hot meatballs. It just rolls off the tongue.

Tomorrow I will turn older. I will take the day off, go shopping, maybe see a movie and I think I will insist upon linguini and meatballs for dinner. It should be a grand day!


Jodi said...

I hope you have the BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER!
And yeah, get some of those meatballs most humans like to eat.

I enjoy most of your posts, darling, but the last couple (that are food related) have left me a bit queasy.

I got you a present anyway!!! Na, na, na!

donovan said...

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! you look like a monkey! and you smell like one too!!!!!! try cheerio coated tofu girlie. thanks for MY presents!!!!!!


hi karen, donovan's MA here. hap hap happy birthday. linguini and meatballs? i, um, well, i didn't get you a present beause, well, things have been kind of crazy here. but i know you got the card. i miss you and love you TONS. ferreal.

jules said...