Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hate-Givin' Wishes


Ugh, that picture ALMOST got me to finally go vegetarian last year...almost. That is the aftermath of Donovan's Mama's amazing turkey.

This, however, is amazing in a whole different way. A different, scary way. Thank you, my dear brother, for showing this to me, it will haunt my dreams forever.

He (my brother) suggested that i get that same mold for my tofurkey. Sadly, there will be no tofurkey this year, not for Thanksgiving anyway. sigh. I really wanted to but I just don't have the time...well either that or I am just too damn lazy. I think it's that one. The too damn lazy one. I do suspect that if i did make the tofurkey we could actually change the holiday name to HATE-GIVIN'.

And this one is just for the ladies...ok, well anyone can click but the girls will laugh, the boys, maybe not so much with the laughing...especially if they are actually british.

Have a happy whatever you may be celebrating. Me, I will go the traditional route and have Thanksgiving dinner with friends. For that I am thankful.


Jodi said...

So much for being on vacation...others beat me to the punch! I was going to send you that jello turkey mold link (which did make me nauseated, a bit). Sorry you don't get your tofurkey this year, but at least you will be with friends. It will be weird for me to have a Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm missing Indiana Jones and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride already. But I am thankful for many things including wireless internet and Tastykakes!

donovan said...

i'm missing spending thanksgiving with you. my first one in what....9 years. not sure how i feel about my turkey being displayed for all to see but otherwise.....mssing you!

donovan's mamma

ren said...

that was one wicked good turkey though, it was just the aftermath that made me question my omnivorous ways. and i missed you too, it's just not the same. i guess we are all dealing with changes this year. i say next year the three of us (donovan's mama, jodi101 and me) have our own thanksgiving...the kind with martinis for dinner!

Jodi said...

Sounds good to me. Let's make it on that Friday, because trust me, my day was not the same either not being at Disneyland. : (

mipmup said...

i've never done the tofurky thing. is it any good? i'm suspect.

ren said...

hey mipmup, i gotta be honest, i have never actually had the (brand name) tofurkey. i am pretty suspcious of it too. actually, it's the tofurky jerky wish bone that really freaks me out. i have made my own tofu-turkey slices and they were...really not good (i think the recipe was from the garden of vegan. but i saw a recipe this year in vegetarian times that intrigued me. sadly, no one else is interested in trying this with me and i can't eat a whole homemade tofurkey by myself so i decided to hold off. when i do actually try it, i'll let you know...or maybe i'll just stick to the martinis. they never disappoint.