Thursday, November 03, 2005

That know..the one that does stuff?

Today has largely been...not...right. Not necessarily not good, just...look, first I drove off to work (quite merrily, I might add) and it wasn't until I was about a mile away from home that I thought "Gee, I want my sunglasses...which are in my purse...WHICH IS ON THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR!". I don't do that. Yeah, I forget your birthday, yeah, I forget MY birthday, haven't a clue how old I am, or how old you are. I don't remember 80% of my childhood and I barely know my phone number but I DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE MY PURSE WITH ME WHEN I LEAVE THE HOUSE! Except, um, this morning. So, I went back to get it.

Not a big deal really, but then later in the day I was keywording some images and I had to go ask Jason what that thing was, you know the one that you put things on and it like moves them to you, it's like a big circle, they have them in factories and you put stuff on them and like conveys them, on a belt...Oh. Yeah. (It wasn't quite that bad but it was pretty brain-farty. I also stared at a picture of a well known cartoon character for about five minutes trying to recall his name. So yeah...brain not work right today. Not sure why but I do taste pennies and smell burnt toast. Maybe I should have that checked out by that guy, you know the one who looks at you and does stuff and then tells you that there's something wrong? That guy.

I am hoping to be more coherent tomorrow.
(spell check just suggested that I replace LIVINGROOM with LEBENSRAUM and "farty" with "farhad", I suspect it's not just me today).

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Jodi said...

I know I left you a voice mail, but I swear I, along with several co-workers, had the same kind of day yesterday.

"what's a spoon?"
"page me if you have a burning need..."

Damn, I think the sun spots were overactive or maybe smog levels were extra high? I'm not sure, but it was bad brain function day for sure!