Monday, November 14, 2005

This and That

One of my favorite places to visit is flipflopflyin. Craig’s art just makes me so happy. I don’t know how he can make such lovely things from just a few pixels but damn he does it good. One feature that he used to have (and sadly discontinued) was “der Ohrwurm” which chronicled the songs that were stuck in his head on any given day. I thought of “der Ohrwurm” this morning when I could not get a song out of my head. I generally use the Duran Duran trick that I think I may actually have learned from Craig (for some reason “Rio” trumps all other songs and blasts them right out of your head but DOES NOT STICK! Like Teflon it is!)…anyway…this song…ok, look, I know you will laugh but I grew up in New Jersey, it’s like a genetic thing but I had “I’ll Be There for You” by Bon Jovi running through my head. It was killing me.
Aside: I once saw Bon Jovi in concert but only because they opened for Ratt . Bon Jovi sucked so much that we left and came back to see Ratt. And laugh as much as you like but Robbin Crosby was one hot man before…you know…the whole aids thing. R.I.P. Robbin. I love you no matter what.
Anway,..where was I? Oh right. Stuck in my head. But then I came to work and I listened to this…so…now…*sigh*. It’s bad. But I am singing a happy anus song because I need the relief.

Had a nice weekend. Bought some stuff at the Camarillo Outlets and yes, they are worth a bit of a drive if you are feeling lucky. I got 2 shirts and a BRIGHT GREEN sweater at the Eddie Bauer outlet, a Bobbi Brown powder compact, and a pair of burgundy Bass clogs. Works for me. Then we drove down PCH, had a deeply fried lunch at Neptune’s Net, which is a great biker and surfer hang out and then drove along and tried to look into rich people’s homes.

I also did a little drive-by dogsitting for Jodi-odi-odi. I only had to feed the dogs for one night but it’s always nice to see them. Although I do swear that someday they will all work together to knock me over, take me down and eat me alive. It will happen.

Oh hey, as long as I am here…
Currently Reading: I finished the Jasper Ffffforde novel I was reading (Something Rotten) and have moved on to The Mammoth Cheese which references one of my favorite history trivia facts.

Comics: I read the most recent Love in a Foreign Language and quite enjoyed it. (Jodi, when I track down the first two I will loan them to you, I think you might like them). I also read Full Moon Fever. I have finally started reading Long Hot Summer and I am still toting around that Swamp Thing book.

Listening to: Not much of anything. I was listening to the opera Otello in the car the other day, and John Coltrane’s Lush Life this morning. I did get and I do enjoy the newest Nada Surf album. They are a little poppy and light but they make me happy. I was also given the Living Things album (one of the perks of working in a building that used to house a record company…we still get some samples (and I am not linking to their site because it’s really flash heavy and annoying, look them up if you are interested)). It’s ok. I really like the single “Bom Bom Bom” but the rest of the album kind of all sounds the same to me.

Watching: Just the usual stuff. We do have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from Netflix. I am very curious about it as the source material is one of my favorite books. I have a soft spot for the Gene Wilder version of the movie because I do like him a lot but I know that it was not a hit with the Dahl family and a lot of the fans of the book. I just like it on it’s own merits (I am particularly fond of Veruca Salt’s song…”Geeses, Gooses. I want a goose that lays golden eggs for Easter!”).

Finally, I know my birthday is now past. If you were wondering what to get me for Christmas…(if you need to log in, I suggest using bugmenot.

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Jodi said...

Thanks for feeding my doggies. They appreciated it, I'm sure. And again, apologies for our slothy house. Eek!

I'm so impressed with all of your reading, listening, watching, etc. I'm so behind in my book club book, but think I'll read a lot on the plane next week and hopefully while in Philly.

I'm nearly done with Vol. 6 of Tramps Like Us. Vol. 7 should be out, but I need to track it down.

Okay, I said I love you before, but I'm not getting you 1,082 books for any occasion!

(Sorry, just feeling extra snarky today. If you've checked on your flickr comments though, you already figured that one out!)