Tuesday, November 29, 2005


it's a squirrel
Ok, so Thanksgiving was nice. I did a fair amount of cooking but I didn’t make the turkey. Well, not until Sunday when I made a turkey. But I didn’t make the Thanksgiving turkey. What did I make (because I know you care)?

Pecan Pie (with fresh whipped cream)
Soft dinner rolls
Sweet potato casserole
Cucumber and sweet onion salad
Hot spinach and artichoke dip
Deviled eggs

And then on Sunday I made a turkey so we could have turkey sammiches. I also made stuffing and gravy and sweet potato muffins since I had some sweet potato left over and I needed to make breakfasts for week anyway. Sadly the sudden colony of ants decided that they really liked my muffins and ate half of them. But I am so smart S-M-R-T and I put half in the freezer so NYAH! I still have breakfasts for the week. Take that ants!

I guess it’s getting to be that time of the year. CHRISTMAS MUSIC TIME! I am working on yet another annoying mix for the kiddies. So far, all I know is that Fairytale of New York will be on there because I love it and Jodi doesn’t think she knows it (but I am pretty sure she does). At the moment, I am listening to Sufjan Steven’s Christmas stuff and although I like it, I am getting a little banjo overload here. Let me recommend that you take a listen instead to DJ Riko’s Christmas mixes, if you are, you know, feeling the holiday spirit at the moment (scroll way down).

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Jodi said...

Wow...you cooked a turkey just for sandwiches. I don't know whether I'm impressed or disturbed. Impressed, I'd say. I can't ever imaging cooking a turkey. I wish I'd had some of your food as I'm sure it was really good. The dinner we had was so disappointing, so we never even had leftovers.

Nope, can't do holiday music yet. I don't know, but I've been hearing it and it is grating. Give me a couple more weeks...lol!