Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Things I Saw on Mulberry Street

I keep seeing things while driving that make me do double takes (and nearly crash the car) in the past few weeks I have seen:

An egret (great?) on the side of the 101. It startled the heck out of me. For a minute I thought that it was a photo or and ad or something. It was hanging out by the Van Nuys, right by the exit sign. I think he may have been hitching a ride. And I say he because my dad always calls all egrets "Ronald" (R. egret).

A puppy in a pet store on Wilshire. That doesn't sound all that exciting but I don't think that the puppy was supposed to be running around the store because he appeared to be freaking out with joy and was DANCING in front of the window.

Speaking of windows, an MRI center on Wilshire has set up a skeleton as if it was opening the curtains to peer out. I was sitting in traffic and it happened to catch my eye. I cracked up.

Two cats sitting in a window watching traffic. Well, one cat sitting in a window and then the head of another cat as he popped up and then down as he fell off the couch.

Oh, and while sitting in the car with Sherri, before going to lunch, we saw a squirrel taunt a cat from on top a fence by...urinating on him. The squirrel missed but looked like he was gearing up for another shot. The cat didn't even notice. Imagine going to all the effort of peeing on your natural enemy from on high and then your enemy doesn't even deign to respond.

Of course, I saw all these things on my way home from work. On my way to work I see...nothing. Sometimes I don't even remember how I got there.


Jodi said...

I must say that my commute is not quite so exciting.

Speaking of time you dog sit, will you mind changing doggie diapers? Little Guy may be wearing them. Ugh!

Jodi said...
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