Monday, January 30, 2006

Concerted Listing

When I have something I need to do or remember to bring to work or whatever, I write myself a little note on a post-it, fold it in half to cover the sticky part and put it in my pocket in the hopes that I will pull the note out at the end of the day and do whatever it is that I need to do. Sometimes if I have an idea for a little picture I want to draw I will make a note of that as well. This generally results in some pretty cryptic scraps of paper floating around my desk. Usually it’s only “soymilk, fish, cat fud,” or something like “chris wants dr. who” or “bring that book to work”(yeah, I’m that specific and yeah, I spell it FUD for a reason). But on occasion I come across an old note that is too strange not to keep. My two favorites are “happy bunnies dream of meat, sad pengiuins dream of cupcakes, monkeys dream of martinis, koalas dream of guns” and “you dreamed of a robot bunny.”

My notes are more interesting than my life.

And speaking of lists and notes, a few years ago I attempted to list all the concerts that I have been to. Well, all the rock/pop type concerts. I can’t even remember anything that may have been classical or jazz and I am quite sure I missed a lot in the rock category as well. But here is what I kind of remember. I started out putting them in order but then I got all confused. I do however remember Hall and Oates being my first real concert ever. I am afraid this says more about me than anything else could…

(bands in parenthesis are opening acts, numbers are the number of times i think i may have seen the main act)

1. Hall and Oates (The Pole Cats)
2. Adam Ant (The Romantics)
3. Bryan Adams 2x (Melissa Etheridge)
4. The Rolling Stones
5. Depeche Mode 2x
6. David Bowie
7. Elton John
8. Sting 3x (Branford Marsalis)
9. That Dog
10. Colin Hay 3 or 4x
11. Sleater Kinney
12. Elliot Smith
13. Jonathan Richman
14. Ratt (Bon Jovi)
15. Neil Young
16. Crosby Stills & Nash
17. Baru Review
18. Cyndi Lauper 2 or 3x (The Hooters)
19. Stray Cats (The Hooters)
20. The Hooters 2 or 3 x
21. Dred Zeppelin
22. Supertramp
23. Tenacious D
24. The Jayhawks (Victoria Williams) 2x
25. Matthew Sweet
26. Special Beat 2x
27. Love Spit Love
28. Eurythmics (Howard Jones)
29. Jimmy Buffett
30. Peter Gabriel
31. U2 (Primus, Disposable Heroes of HipHopcrisy)
32. Bangles (Hoodoo Gurus)
33. R.E.M.
34. Luna
35. Jellyfish
36. Violent Femmes
37. Earth Wind and Fire
38. John Mellencamp
39. The Proclaimers
40. Wang Chung
41. Glass Tiger
42. Culture Club (Berlin)
43. Randy Newman
44. Barenaked Ladies
45. Soul Coughing (3x’s)
46. Letters to Cleo. Green Apple quickstep, Katherine Wheel
47. The New Pornographers (Destroyer, and someone else who I can’t remember)

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