Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's only rock and roll but it still makes me panic.

I was watching Lovemonkey last night, which I will say is an ok show but not a great show but I really like saying “So, I was watching Lovemonkey," because it sounds funny. I think it has a certain amount of charm but man, the TV world seems to be lacking a lot of…well, you know, there aren’t any shows about a super cool grocery clerk, are there? Or maybe a computer programmer, a shoe salesman (although that one did actually exist at one time, remember Married with Children?). You know what I mean, its all special service police, lawyers and cool A&R men at ultra- hip but struggling record companies. Not so much with the crossing guards, the car wash guys and the deli workers. And who would watch a show about these people, you say? I don’t know, depends on if it’s good I guess but I watched a British show about cafeteria workers in a factory, so I’m thinking I’m game for the one about the photocopier repair man.

ANYWAY (jeez, I do ramble a bit), on the Lovemonkey show one character asked another to list their top 5 all-time songs. This is not a new question, we certainly have seen it before in High Fidelity and I’m guessing we probably just ask each other, unprompted by TV and movies, these sorts of questions all the time. But I have never actually bothered to answer that one. So I started trying to do that today in the car on my way to work and I still can’t get all five.

What I have so far:
“Bellbottom Blues”-Derek and the Dominos
“The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys”-Traffic
“Come Anytime”-Hoodoo Gurus

And then I just blank. I think there’s a Bowie song in there somewhere but I am not entirely sure which one. Off the top of my head I would probably say “Aladdin Sane” but then again “Rebel Rebel” is a great song…And what about Cyndi Lauper singing “I Drove All Night”? That’s a damn fine song that I could listen to over and over again. And do the Hoodoo Gurus really deserve a place on my top 5 all-time favorite songs when I haven’t even considered the Rolling Stones or the Beatles? And how exactly do Adam and the Ants fit into all this? Am I confessing too much by wondering about that? Peter Gabriel? I do so love “Here Comes the Flood”…and then there are all those great overlooked songs that I want to give some credit to. What about “It’s a Mistake” by Men at Work. Oh you can laugh but it’s a good song with a good message. Where’s the R.E.M.? Where’s the Clash? Oh god, did I forget the Supremes? And is this meant to only be rock and pop type stuff of does Vivaldi count because I do love the Spring movement of “The Four Seasons”…and Chet Baker…wait…what about Chet Baker? So now I am all panicked over my top five all-time songs.

Man, I over think this kind of stuff waaaay too much. Anyone else have this problem?


Jodi said...

Yeah, I'd probably overthink it too!

Chris said...

Any time I've made a list of top 5 or 10 movies, books, TV shows, songs, or whatever I alway end up looking at the list a few weeks or months later and saying, "What the hell was I thinking?"

So, I guess the best you can do is make lists of "My top five favorite [whatevers that I can think of at this exact moment" and not expect for it to be the same tomorrow.

I do like the "put your iPod or MP3 player on shuffle with your favorite playlist and list the first five songs that come up" question, but I don't have mine with me right now.

donovan said...

well, i don't think top 5 or 10 anything is a fair question because so much depends on your mood. i just want to mention that i knew someone who thought "it's a mistake" by men at work was "it's honest abe" now there is a good question: misheard lyrics.

not really donovan but his mother

Chris said...

Mondegreens are fun!

One of the most misunderstood songs? Smells Like Teen Spirit

justJENN said...

Oh, Hoodoo Gurus. Whenever I hear that song I HAVE to sing along.