Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random Ten

Winter Wonderland- Tony Bennett
Train In Vain- The Clash
White Christmas-Norway
Come On Home-Cyndi Lauper
The Amens-The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Santa Claus-Harry Connick, Jr.
Life in a Northern Town-Dream Academy
The Modern World-The Jam
Only The Lonely-The Motels
Antmusic-Adam & The Ants

Yeah, this is what I get when I do a party shuffle on iTunes. Scary, hunh? I have a vast quantity of Christmas music on there and although I could rearrange things so that the holiday music doesn’t show up when I shuffle, I never have. Why? How many times do I really have to say BECAUSE I AM LAAAAAZY?

But I will stand by all the non-Christmas music. Aw heck, I even stand by the Christmas music. That’s some good stuff what with Tony and Harry and Brian…I actually don’t remember what the Norway song sounds like. But Cyndi Lauper is always a good listen, can’t go wrong with Adam and the Ants, The Jam can make any day better and the Motels, well, if you haven’t listened to them in a while, I say go for it. Martha still has an amazing voice. And The Clash, oh how I do love me some Clash. As for that Dream Academy song…well, it won’t hurt you. When I first got the iTunes, someone loaded it up with 80’s music for me. Since then I have just been piling stuff on without really organizing it very well so “random play” is truly random.

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Chris said...

I did one too on my blog.

Good songs. I have Train in Vain by The Clash and a version by Dwight Yokum (yes, it's odd) on my iPod and Life in A Northern Town and Only The Lonely as well.