Friday, January 20, 2006

Fries are very important.

"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your
French fries without making them give you any of theirs."
 Chrissy -age 6

That quote is from one of those emails you get from someone mushy that has KIDS VIEWS ON LOVE and junk like that. But that one quote in particular struck me as really wrong. So I started talking to Beth about it. It then sparked this very pathetic conversation...

karen: i suppose this means i have never been in love...
beth: me either
karen: well...i would SHARE my fries with you...but i still probably wouldn't give you ALL of them...unless you didn't have anything else to eat.
but i'll always give you half of the pickle if you ask.
beth: really, i mean, if thats love - i don't want it
beth: i will also give you half the pickle
karen: see. now that's love.
11:45 AM
beth: yeah, i mean giving all your fries alway when the other person has some makes her sound like a doormat
11:50 AM
karen: you know, if they had said almost anything but fries...i'd be ok. but not my fries.
beth: i'm with you
beth: reminds me of the scean from valley girl, where she leaves nicolas cage because her friends bitch at her, then the "cool" guy comes over & starts eating her fries - like they're back together, so he can eat her fries
karen: is it pathetic that we are obsessing over this?
beth: no
beth: fries are very important

This conversation is actually from a while ago but a friend happened to mention that very same french fry quote to me just yesterday and it made me wonder if I had saved the conversation, which, clearly, I had. And please, don't read anything into the fact that I will always give her half the pickle. It is a literal pickle. I don't intend to give her any other kind.


steph said...

i have been in true deep mad passionate love---more than once i might add. and they never got my fries.

Chris said...

Maybe I don't understand this love stuff - why would you give someone most of your fries if you were going to take theirs in return? What would be the point?

I have swapped meals with my wife if I got a nicer looking portion if we ordered the same thing. I have traded my hard crunchy fries for my daughters soft ones because she likes crunchy ones. Does that count?

Valley Girl came immediately to mind for me, too. That's my favorite 80s teen movie.

Jodi said...

It totally depends on the fries, not the amount of love, to me. If they are awesome fries (like at Papoo's), then I may not be sharing. No matter how great whoever I'm with happens to be.

beth said...

i still say - if you give someone all of your fries, when they already have fries, well then, that person is just a taker and you are just a doormat.

and the pickle is my favorite part of lunch, so since i will always give ren half - that is love.