Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jodi Asks

Jodi said these questions weren't necessarily for the internets but I decided to answer them anyway as I gots nothing better to say today:

1) Did you get my drunken SMS on NYE? I wanted to drunk dial you, but thought you might be asleep already.

I did get your drunken SMS on NYE. But not actually on NYE since I forgot to turn my phone on for several days. In fact, I didn't turn it on until you mentioned in the comments on someone else's blog that you had texted me. oops. Heh. Yeah, I was a little drunk too but too tired to do anything about it.

2) Seriously, did you make the cool orange scarf you gave to me? It's so pretty and delicate. I'm a little scared I'll hurt it, but will wear it anyway. So pretty and great color!!!

I did make and orange scarf, I don't know if it was the "cool" one or not. I saw this awesome fluffy orange yarn at the store and immediately decided to make something for you. Since the only thing I can actually knit is scarves, you got that instead of say...your own knit car or a sweater for a light post.

3) What's your favorite gift(s) from the holidays?
Well, I did get A PONY! She is pretty and orange and her name is Seascape and I can comb her mane and tail and I love her. I also got some interesting dinnerware and a cross that belonged to my great-grandmother. There were so many cool presents! A Monet Christmas ornament. Gift certificates to book stores, an ORANGE watch, an electric tortilla maker and even a bracelet with my favorite line from a Ginsberg poem (" down by the drunken taxicabs of Absolute Reality...").

4) I'm dying to know the color of your organizer!!! (Tell me?)
It's "she-bop-a-woo-bop". Or possibly "code pink" I can't tell. It's pretty bright but I don't know if it's day-glo or not.

5) Do you want to get together between the 15th and 18th?
I don't know, will there be cocktails involved because if not...then yes, i will. But if there are cocktails...I will. I'm easy that way.

Clearly I am too lazy to send an eimail but now I guess I have to send her an e-mail to tell her I answered her questions on the blog...


Jodi said...

Cool. Thanks. Yeah, I noticed your cross collection for the first time (had to use your potty...heh). Neato. I was going to photograph some of them, but felt weird about it.

The cool thing about the scarf is it matches my iDog's scarf and sweater set.

Sometimes I feel like we are competing to see who can be the dorkier dork! Heh! Let's call it a tie!

ren said...

well...yeah, you are pretty dorky (heh). and by the way, that scarf isn't that delicate and i have more yarn if it can't take a beating. it's got a lifetime guarantee!

and you can photograph my crosses. that's fine. the one my mom gave me is an actual necklace but yeah, the ones on the wall are kind of an accidental collection.