Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's a sickness.

So, I have probably mentioned that I keep a book in my purse and read it when I have a moment, eating lunch, waiting in line, waiting for an appointment, stuff like that. I also keep a novel going all the time that I leave at home, usually. That is unless I get really into it and then I end up trucking that around with me too. Sometimes I have a graphic novel (which is really just a fancy term for “long comic book) that I take places with me too. Then there is the copy of Ulysses that I bought to supplement my online reading of that really tough, complex and frustrating experiment. Next to my bed is a huge pile of books that I somehow always accidentally pull from and start yet another book on those occasions when I have gone to bed but I’m not tired enough and I decide that I want something to read and damn, there’s another book to read. Then there are, of course, the many volumes of poetry that I keep around and browse through when I only have a moment to read something. And let us not forget the…um…”reading room” selections. You know what I’m talking about. Usually magazines or comics but sometimes zines. Oh and then there are the cookbooks that litter the house. I do read those but I almost never use them for cooking. Besides all that there are the articles and blogs that I read on-line. You’d think I’d be more well read. Sigh. So many books. So little time. Can you tell that I’m not in the mood to work today? I’d rather be catching up on my reading.

In the purse: The American Way of Death Revisited by Jessica Mitford
In the living room: Ulysses by James Joyce
On the nightstand: The Complete Poems Of John Donne
Under the bed: Who Murdered Chaucer? by Terry Jones (and some other people)
In the “reading room”: 400 Words Magazine
The cookbook of the moment: Kitchen of Light: The New Scandinavian Cooking by Andres Viestad and Mette Randem
Graphic Novel: Epiletic by David B.
And everywhere else: The Scar by China Mieville


Jodi said...

Can I borrow the death book and Epileptic when you are done? Both sound fascinating!

ren said...

of course you can. you may borrow anything you'd like.

Brenda Griffith said...
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Brenda Griffith said...
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Brenda Griffith said...

Ahhh. I am a bit weird in that I only do *one book at a time*. I read in the bathroom, with every meal, waiting for my husband in the Kiss and Ride at the train station when we have only one car, a little in bed before... whatever. And with the little I allow myself I still get through 1-3 books a week. Recently I have been on a "good literature" kick: The Time Traveler's Wife (a Christmas gift from my spouse), The Mermaid Chair (a birthday gift from my mother-in-law), and Love Walked In (a Border's we've-had-a-couple-of-bottles-of-wine-with-dinner-and-are-now-book-shopping-before-going-home-to-the-sitter purchase. But right before that I finished the last of the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher (I just adore paranormal fiction!) and Rachel Caine;s weather warden series and Laura Anne Gilman's retriever novels. You're a geek. You'll love them. (For credentials, I also love Gaiman... :-)

PS--thanks for your post on my blog today. You do not know how wonderful it was to get validation through the ether. And it so was. New for non-glass: http://strandedinthesouth.blogspot.com . Come by, new friend.