Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bits...and Bobs.

The last three things I read were about:

1. Cupcakes
2. Music
3. Knitting

What I am listening to right now:
An ambient music podcast

What I was listening to before that:
A grammar podcast

What I had for lunch:
Four leftover whole wheat and cheese ravioli. Whole wheat ravioli does not stand the test of time. And someone, please remind me that I can’t eat cheese. Ugh.

Oooh, I had some cherries before lunch though and those were good.

What I ate for dinner last nigh:
“Tuscan chicken.” It was not good. Don’t ask.

What I intend to eat for dinner tonight:
Something that does not involve whole wheat pasta, cheese or anything called “tuscan.”

As long as I am rambling on and making lists…

What I am reading: The Falls, by Ian Rankin. I was listening to a pod cast (I think it was from the Guardian) of Ian Rankin giving the reporter a tour around Edinburgh. At one point he took her to the Royal Museum of Scotland and mentioned that he liked the display on death. Of course, being obsessed with funerial trappings as I am, I immediately HAD to read the book that he mentioned in conjunction with the Authur’s Seat coffins.

What I am watching: I am desperately trying to catch up on Heroes because I know my darling former Doctor is now appearing on that program. I think, however, I am giving up on Battlestar Galactica. Now before you give me attitude for not watching THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISON, let me just say, I think it’s a good show. It’s just not a fun show for me and I tend to like my tv to be fun. Also, they killed off my favorite character (Ellen Tigh). So there.

What I am listening to: I kind of burned out on the cds I have in my car on the cross-country trip and I am trying to find new things to listen to. Any suggestions? At the moment I am kind of interested in ambient music or, at the very least, music without lyrics. I like the words just fine but I am starting on some work that requires more concentration than I can give if I am dancing around in my chair singing “Does Your Mother Know.”

What I am drinking: one of the TEN pounds of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee procured on the east coast portion of our trip with steamed and frothed soymilk. You can trash talk the Dunkin’ coffee as much as you want, I like it!

What I am drawing: Um…not what I should be, ok? Stop asking so many questions.


Jodi said...

Oh, I have unopened DD coffee in my cabinet you could have had.

Ellen Tigh? Seriously? Hmmm.

acmcclendon said...

Oh no! I can't watch this season's BG until it comes out on DVD, but now I know that Ellen Tigh dies...but really that's OK with me since what I know of her so far, I'm guessing she probably deserved it.
Also, I have found that classical music is good for when I have to concentrate...

Jodi said...

Ack! I'm so behind on reading and tv and geez...I haven't listened to a podcast in months! I really need a desk job for that, I suppose.

Oops...forgot I'd already commented here!