Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh good lord, why?

Oh you people and your resolutions and your year end reviews. I can hardly remember what happened yesterday, how am I supposed to remember a WHOLE YEAR AGO? And resolutions? I resolve to not resolve anything…but that’s not really true. Let me see what I can do about these…

So year in review but not really. This year I did more drawing than I have ever done. And I decided that I really enjoy it. And that what I enjoy most about it is working on the computer. I used to love to paint but it takes up so much space and it’s so hard to fix something when I don’t like it. But on a computer! Oh joy! I can revise endlessly and that makes me happy. Slightly obsessive compulsive, but happy.

And going hand in hand with drawing more came my first attempt at selling my not quite artistic endeavors. And that was…well, really stressful. But in the end it was fun. And I was really very surprised by the nice response I got to my stuff. Really surprised.

I did a lot of experimentation with vegan baking this year and while I have still not committed myself to a cruelty-free diet, I am starting to think that it will be the eventual outcome of my experimentation. Not just because it would be a nice, peaceful and thoughtful way of life for me (and that’s just me, I am not saying all vegans are nice peaceful, thoughtful people, or that all people should be vegans, this is all about me) but because my experiments have shown me that I can make it taste damn good.

I made a lot of bloggy friends this year. That’s really probably the most exciting part of all this. I have virtually met so many people who are just really cool and some of them I have met in actuality as well. The internets are a strange and scary place, but it’s very cool to randomly come across someone who can teach you something new, show you a new way of looking at something old or just be...well just be. I may never meet all of these people in person, but I am thrilled to have met them online.

I went to the opera twice this year. That may not seem like a big deal but I hadn’t been going because no one else was interested and now I have found an opera buddy. And although I saw one opera I hated and one I loved, I was happy just to have gone. And I hope to go a lot more in the future.

I grew my hair out. I know, I know, that doesn’t seem like a big deal and in reality, it has taken far more than a year, but I have always been a short hair girl and here I sit with hair halfway down my back. In fact, I am getting kind of tired of it BUT I actually did this for a reason and I hope to grow it long enough (and healthy enough) to donate it. Heck, it’s been a renewable resource so far and as long as it grows back, I might as well offer it to someone who might want it, right? Unless they specialize in voodoo…

What I didn’t do this year was a lot of reading and I have plans to remedy that in 2007. I don’t know what happened to me but my “books read” list for 2006 is so small and shameful that I don’t even want to tell you what is on it. I will say that “The Scar”, by my beloved China Mîeville was the highlight but that it also took me a very long time to read because, quite frankly, it was too depressing in parts. I intend to pick up another of his books this year but I think I may have to wait awhile and read some happier things first.

So…resolutions…well, I resolve to tell you about that some other day.

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Anonymous said...

I only did the year-in-review thing because I can't think of anything interesting to write about and I have to copy other people. Luckily, I keep the silly little blog (and take photos of almost everything), or I wouldn't remember half of the stuff.

Of course I only tend to blog about fun or silly things. No one wants to hear about the new medical ailments I seem to keep developing, legally I can't really talk about work, and yeah, it's a real downer to go on about being broke.

I'll end this long, boring comment and go post some hamster photos or something.