Friday, January 26, 2007


Last night I was messing around with my mp3 thingy, taking things off, putting things on, trying to organize but not succeeding at all and I kept coming across one song. By the time I got in my car to head out to a friends’ house, all I could think of was that one band and I burrowed around in my bag of cds to find them, popped them in the stereo and…INSTANT HAPPINESS! YAY!

That got me to thinking about all the little things that never fail to make me happy. Simple things. And I know it seems trite and out of character for me, the saddest little wanna-be goth girl in the world, to say it but I decided I needed to make a list to share some happy things with the world.

I do not guarantee results, and I cannot account for any side effects such as headaches, swelling of the throat or rashes on the hands and face, call your doctor if such a thing occurs but here are some things that (so far) never fail to make me happy:

The music of:
The Clash
The Cramps (most specifically, “Goo Goo Muck”)
Violent Femmes

Video footage of really cool robots. Go figure.

Chocolate (dark and bitter, like your soul)
Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing (from a box if you want to get specific)
Scrambled tofu with green onions

Jodi’s text messages.
I tend to save texts from Jodi because they always make me laugh. When I got a new phone recently, I deleted some of my favorites due to memory issues but I remember most of them:
Robots. Fire. Cool.
I just saw a bumper sticker that said “Gwar is not the answer.”
Yay! I am in your house moving everything an inch to the left!
Hello Kitty has cool shoes.
And most recently:
Utah smells like cow poop.

Postcards make me happy. Getting them, receiving them and sometimes just looking at them. Right now I have a big stack of them on my desk. I intend to eventually send them to my nephews and in fact, picked out the silliest ones along our cross-country drive just for that purpose. But I also have a lovely art postcard from the Little Otsu store and on my pin board here, I have two postcards that Jules brought me back from England. One is of Shakespeare’s non-tomb and one is a pictorial description of my favorite Jane Austen novel (Persuasion). Oh and there’s one of Sky Ape, signed by one of the creators and there’s a promotional one of Eddie Izzard that has a really nice picture. Postcards are cool. I like them and they make me happy. Yay.

See, sometimes it really is the simple things.


Anonymous said...

when i come to los angeles, i will bring you some oklahoma postcards!

Brenda Griffith said...

Watch your mailbox next week (no, it is not carrying on with the mailbox next door).