Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Celebrity Life

Living in Los Angeles, it is not uncommon to think you recognize the guy in front of you in line at the grocery store and then suddenly realize that it’s…um…well…usually it’s a character actor that you don’t know the name of and you can’t figure out where you may have seen him. That happens a lot. But,,,my point is, there are a lot of actors out here and from time to time I catch myself staring at Nestor Carbonell in the line at Ralph’s (no, really, I did. Schwee said “Hey, look! It’s that guy from Suddenly Susan!" and I said “Do you mean… BATMANUEL ?!”

I guess I have seen my fair share of “celebrities.” I was particularly thrilled to see Colm Meaney because I have a crush on him but was also slightly distressed to discover that he has a very large head. Not that it doesn’t totally work for him though. He’s a cutie anyway. I see Gary Grubbs all the time. He’s a very good character actor but I can never place him. I always think that he’s someone I actually know and that I should speak to, like maybe I worked in the same office with him or something. I think he’s used to me staring by now because he’s very nice to me. He always gives me his huge, beautiful smile (really, he’s got an amazing smile) and says hello. I swear it’s happened like 10 times now.

It amuses me. I like the occasional star sighting and I always report them to my dad, who finds them hilarious for some reason. But I really have nothing to say to these people (except Gary Grubbs, I always say hello to him because he is so damn nice…and he has a pretty smile). I think even if I saw my favoritest favorite actor in the world in the Albertson’s, I wouldn’t say anything. I am terribly shy but even so, what would I possibly have to say to Alan Rickman (who is my favoritest favorite ever!)? “Um…hey, I think you’re really cool . Wanna make out?” I’m pretty sure that will only get me arrested. But I do always think that if I run into him in my favorite coffee shop, ordering the same tea I drink and reading the same book I am reading, or better yet, the same comic book I am reading. And he’s sitting all alone…then I might walk up to him and tell him that it’s a great book and oh, hey is that lavender mint green tea? It’s good isn’t it? Try it iced, it’s even better. It goes great with the brioche. Maybe then he’ll want to make out with me. Heee!


Jodi said...

You've seen Batmanuel? Dude, how cool! Was that at "scary Ralphs" near me or another one?

I like seeing people too and rarely speak to them unless I'm in line for a signing (which I often do, you know).

The first week (maybe day?) I was in L.A. I saw Leonard Maltin at Vons. I've also seen Tom Kenny at Vons (but I see him at Comic Con every year, so that probably doesn't count).

The coolest was probably seeing Bob Hope at Vons when he was still living.

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