Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jodi-odi-odi wrote today about her love for Halloween. I..uh…can’t do that. I really don’t like Halloween. Not at all. I have never been really fond of it. I like fall a lot. And I am a bit of a pagan and I like to make costumes so you’d think this would be right up my alley (huhuhuh…I said, “up my alley”). I’m even the slightest bit goth so it seems like a match made in heaven, or I guess it’s more appropriate to say hell here but either way, it just don’t fly with me.

I don’t like to be scared. I hate haunted houses and I despise rubber masks. I don’t care that much for candy either…ok, well that’s not true, I do like candy but you know how Halloween candy can be, all Necco wafers and candy corn. Ugh!

When I was a kid I often stayed with friends while my parents were out of town for business. On more than one occasion this occurred on Halloween. One year, Nancy Huettner’s mother decided to take us all to a haunted house at the local mall. Oh it was bad. I freaked just a little bit and told her I couldn’t go in. Thankfully she didn’t force the issue and I sat outside and waited while the rest of the kids went through. I can still remember the guy outside that was kind of carnival barking to get people to come in. He wore a long black robe, a really creepy devil mask and he yelled (over and over again) “Come into my house…(he would pause here)….and you shall see…(another pause)…NOTHING BUT DEATH!”. Dude, I was scared. Really, really scared. I had nightmares for weeks.

I always liked the costume aspect of it though. I don’t think I had any scary costumes though. I know I was at one time or another:

  • A bunny
  • Raggedy Ann
  • A ballerina
  • A Mexican Fiesta Dancer
  • An Italian Fiesta Dancer (um, yeah, I went to dancing school and had a lot of leftover costumes)
  • A Lady Ghost (with pearls and a hat and handbag)
  • Robin Hood
  • Peter Pan (same costume as Robin Hood)
  • A Hershey’s Kiss
  • A Hobo
  • ----then there is a big blank, like maybe I didn’t dress up in high school, I don’t remember.
  • In college I know I dressed as a classmate once
  • A gypsy
  • Earth (the element, but I did go with Wind and Fire to a party)
  • The Rainforest
  • A spiderweb
  • I once went to a party where the theme was “Under the Sea” so I wore the letter “c” on a band over my head…that was pretty lame.
  • OH OH! My favorite ever! I went to a space themed party as Arthur Dent. I wore flannel pajamas, a flannel robe and I carried my towel. I had a fish in my ear and a copy of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy in my pocket.

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Jodi said...

Good memory. I, for one, love candy corn and the pumpkins, etc. that are all waxy. Necco wafers are also one of my all time faves!