Thursday, October 06, 2005

TV Rots the Brain!

Here’s another one for Jules. She said I hadn’t written in a while and I asked what I should write about. She said maybe the new fall programming…

But I haven’t been watching all the new shows so I will instead tell you what I do watch…

Monday nights we’ve been kind of watching and kind of taping. I had high hopes for “How I Met Your Mother” and I decided it’s…OK…just OK. There are a few good jokes here and there but it’s just another sit-com really. I do like the lead actor though. I think he manages the awkward funny thing quite well and hey, DOOGIE. But yeah, I don’t really care about this one and if I am bored I will watch it and if I am busy I will not worry. After that we watch “Two and a Half Men” which I am a little surprised that I find so funny. I have always ADORED Jon Cryer, so that’s worth the price of admission right there. Although I really, really, really despise the theme song and force my husband to mute it before that one voice hits the high note. Then we watch “Medium” which I really do like. It’s not so much the medium aspect of it though. I really like the way they show the family interacting on that show. It’s really honest and believable. Even if you can’t get behind her physic abilities I think that the husband’s responses to her and her work and how they both deal with their children are pretty honest and funny.

Tuesday, I would normally watch “House” but lately we have been watching “My Name is Earl” and then the second half of “House”. I will confess that I don’t think “House” is that innovative a show but I do think that Hugh Laurie is a great actor, a brilliant comedian and just a lot of fun to watch. Omar Epps doesn’t hurt my eyes either. So there. “My Name is Earl” is…OK. I like it. I wanted not to like it but I like it. Maybe not so much that I can’t miss it but it’s good entertainment and I am pleased to see Jason Lee doing such a fine job. I will say that I don’t care much for the redneck/white trash humor but this show has kept pretty pleasant about it all and I really can’t say anything about it. I do watch “Boston Legal” and I do like it but again it’s a matter of enjoying the actors more than anything else. And it’s another of those, “Hey, I’ll watch this if I don’t have something else to do” kind of shows.

Wednesday is going to prove to be difficult in our house. He likes “Lost” I do not. I like “Criminal Minds” he is “eh” on that but we both really like “Veronica Mars” and THEYARE ALL ON AT THE SAME TIME AND NO WE DO NOT HAVE TIVO OR A DECENT VCR!! Crap.

Thursday we have been watching “CSI” for years and then we added “Without a Trace” to the mix. I find that I don’t care about either of them anymore and I only watch them because they have pretty men on the cast. Yay! for pretty men but Meh! for the shows. I did watch “Everybody Hates Chris” even though I don’t much care for Chris Rock and I thought it was a good show with one problem…Chris Rock. I don’t really think that the show needs his narration but I understand WHY they have it. Love the parents though. And the writing was quite good. I also took a look at “Love, Inc.” because a friend of the husband created it. It was fine. Good natured, cute enough. Busy Phillips was very funny and I would say it made me laugh out loud a few times but, in the end, it’s just another show that I will watch if I am around and watching TV but not really think about otherwise.

On Friday I have been watching the show that nobody else likes and LOVING IT! I like “Threshold”. I like the actors. I like the idea of the crisis plan management; I like the fact that there is a linguistics expert on the show. I like that the mystery is not “Are they aliens” but rather “Holy Shit! Aliens! How are we going to deal with this?” This show just totally does it for me the most as far as new shows go. I know that there are very few people who like it but hey, I am one of them (Jules is another). I will continue to watch this as long as it on. I do try to catch “Battlestar Galactica” on Fridays too but I miss it fairly often so I’ve been taping them so I can catch up.

Saturday, there is nothing on that I am interested in.

Sunday I watch “King of the Hill”, “The Simpsons” and “Rome”. I do love “Rome”. I was first intrigued because it stars one of my favorite actors, Ciaran Hinds but it has turned into a very entertaining soap opera with the added benefit of a little bit of history. Beautiful men and women, often nekkid and political intrigue. A little something for everyone.

That’s what I’ve been watching. It seems like a lot of TV when I write it down and that really bothers me. But I will note that since the end of “Buffy” I don’t watch anything religiously. I do tape things and watch them later…but mostly I just ignore the tapes and never catch up.

OH! It did just occur to me that there are two things I ALWAYS watch on Saturday afternoons…”Mexico, One Plate at a Time” which is a sort of cooking/travel show with chef Rick Bayless and “Scandinavian Cooking” which is about…Scandinavian cooking. I also very often watch “Mystery!” I particularly like “Foyle’s War” and “Mrs. Bradley Mysteries”. But those are the kind of thing I usually stumble across and then think “Oh crud! I could have been watching GOOD TV!”

OK, Jules. Is that enough? What shall I write about tomorrow?


Jodi said...

Holy crap, woman. I'm watching a few things...but have no idea what days they are on...thanks to Tivo. I like Earl. Last week and aquaintance was a guest star and this week, I knew 2 people in bit parts! How weird is that?

I finally caught up on the first couple of episodes of "Invasion." I like it much better than "Threshold" which I no longer watch, but Eric does. Shaun Cassidy sure does have a weird thing about evil sheriffs. I'm loving "Extras" and so far, I'm continuing on with "Alias" since I've always watched it. It's getting pretty stupid though (most said that long before I would though).

"Arrested Development" is probably my favorite sitcom though. Scott Baio as the attorny Bob Loblaw (say it all together) kills me.

I guess I could've made a blog entry out of this, but oh well, I have no pressure so far to write more. I barely have any readers or I have ones that I don't know about!

ren said...

i know, i know, but i don't watch everything all the time and i do other things while watching too. and i do read books a lot. but's pathetic.

jules said...

i admit - i watch way more tv than that. its my last great vice.

and, i've seen bits of invasion, but i can't really get into it - maybe its because its wednesday night and i'm tired and i want to go to bed.

but i love threshold.

ren said...


Jodi said...

That was my question...only one vice left? Come on...Jules is HUMAN, right???