Monday, October 31, 2005


This weekend I went to a library book sale and I picked up some terrifying cookbooks. To the Queen’s Taste by Helen Train Hilles was published in 1937 and the “revised edition” that I picked up was from 1950. Frankly, it kind of amazes me that the book was ever revised and republished. It’s…something else. Look people, you may mock my love of tofu and I may sit at my Thanksgiving table alone, sadly eating my tofurkey, but I promise you I will never do this to you:
Serve Ancora green turtle soup cold, instead of hot. It will jell by itself. It seems to give the little pieces of turtle added flavor this way.
I also will never do this to you:
1. Serve ice cold clam broth (plain) in cups.
2. Semi-freeze and serve with salted whipped cream.

Oh, I could go on and on about the fact that cold, jelled turtle soup somehow taste more…turtlely…or I could just say the words “salted whipped cream” and watch you cry. But no, I am a good friend and I won’t.

These are only two examples of the horrors of To the Queen’s Taste, and the other book that I picked up The Art of Serving Food Attracively. Please stay tuned for more tasty nightmares.

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