Thursday, February 23, 2006

Daily Life

I love when people have a “daily” sort of aspect to their blogs. I like that justJENN puts up the first five songs on her ipod. I can’t do that; I don’t listen to my ipod that way and I still haven’t figured out the shuffle thing yet so my audiobooks keep coming up in the mix. I like that Brenda notes which coffee mug she drinks out of and what song she is listening to as she writes. I find myself looking forward to mipmup’s Friday Favorites (even though it’s usually stuff I can’t afford) and I like blogs like Eat Air and The Vegan Lunch Box that post…food. I guess I am more interested in how other people lead their daily lives (as opposed to their occasional lives? That’s a silly phrase “daily lives” but you know what I mean). I have never met Karenna but I was interested in what she eats for breakfast because it is nothing like what I eat (usually a cup of low fat soy milk, a homemade, high fiber muffin of some sort (this week it is pumpkin) and a lot of black tea--for the record) and I like reading what Jane had for lunch (it’s usually more interesting than what I had). It is fascinating to me how we all get through our days but I personally have no real rituals to speak of, the music I listen to is completely random with out being on shuffle and the food I eat is less than interesting. I have a morning conversation with the cat that generally consists of “Hi Buddy! How are you today?” I drink my soymilk out of whatever mug I can reach (and is clean), I listen to the radio but I change channels as soon as someone starts talking.

I would like to offer some sort of daily interest but I got nuthin’. I will now post the first ten random songs in itunes, which I am not listening to and tell you what I ate for dinner:

Ruunning In My Sleep-The Fighting Brothers McCarthy (I have never listened to this one, I just checked on it and it seems countryish)
Recondita armonia-Giacomo Puccini (I know this, well, I know that this is from”Tosca” and that I have listened to it before)
Sweet Afton-Nickel Creek (the ever lovely Jodi-odi-odi turned me on to Nickel Creek, They are good, listen to them)
Funky shit-Pilaseca (Here’s another one I have never listened to)
Eveline-Nickel Creek (more from Jodi)
Give Me Novacaine-Green Day (I often forget how much I love the Green Day but I was always kind of turned off by the title of that one album…”Dookie.” I like the poop joke as much as the next person but for some reason that one always bugged me)
Transition-The Longcut (Yep, never listened to this)
Bright Young Men-The Arm (I just listened to this one and it was pretty good)
Now-Viva K (Who? What?)
Rocking This Disaster-roue (You know, someday I will listen to all my music and I will start here because that’s a good title)

Most of these bands I know nothing about, last year I downloaded a bunch of mp3s from the South by Southwest festival with the intention that I would listen to them, decide what I liked, sort through them and be the coolest kid on the block for knowing all the new bands. That hasn’t happened yet. Of course, the Puccini, the Green Day and the Nickel Creek (thank you Jodi!) are things I actually listen to.

For dinner I had salmon, some sort of potato wedges with garlic and fresh, steamed zucchini. It was very good.


Jodi said...

"..ever lovely.." blushes

I know what you mean about the "daily" or ritualistic thing. I like reading that, but don't have my own to offer. I was going to steal the iPod/mp3 thing from justJenn, but I so rarely listen to mine, it wouldn't change much. If I did it would possibly be something negative like "the things I should have done today, but didn't." Or dorky, like "the 3 new nicknames I gave my pets today."

Chris said...

My wife always said that I would be a horrible addict because I would constantly be in severe withdrawal because I would forget to take my drugs.

In other words, I have trouble with doing anything regularly, so activities such as diaries, GTD lists, using my Palm for anything other than playing Bookworm or reading eBooks, or writing a daily blog of my reading, listening, or eating habits isn't likely to go on longer than a few days, so I've tried to learn not to bother trying.

"Dookie" is one of my favorite albums, but I always thought the title was embarassingly juvenile, too.

justJENN said...

I saw Tosca at the L.A. Opera, it was great.

I think "Dookie" was their best album, but what do I know. I'm old skool.

ren said...

jodi-you ARE ever lovely and i do appreciate your sharing of music.

yeah, i can't manage the everyday thing either. that's why i appreciate it in others.

and don't get me wrong, "dookie" is an excellent album, i just don't care for the word.

terribly jealous that i didn't get to see Tosca. I keep telling myself that i will make a point to go to the opera and then i don't. maybe next time...