Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh yay! Another poem.

This article doesn't give much credence to poetry as panacea but I know that when I read a really good poem, or a good book, or see a bit of art or even read a comic strip that I like, it can change my mood.

I don't think this will change your mood but I felt like posting a poem I wrote about 15 years ago. I wrote it for my nephew and still intend to eventually illustrate it and make a little book of it, just to do it. I think it's maybe a little too precious (and by that I mean cutesy, not "Oh my precious, wonderful poem!") but I do like it and I just thought I would share rather than make another list...

A monster crawled out
From under my bed!
A big ugly monster
With eyes of bright red.
A monster with teeth
Down way past his knees.
And what did he say?
"Turn the lights back on, please."

A monster so huge
And so truly scary.
A monster so creepy
And scaly and hairy.
A monster with sad eyes.
A monster in tears.
Who said,
"I'm afraid of the noises I hears.
Things go bump in the night,
Things go boom in the dark.
Please turn on the light
and calm my poor heart.
It's spooky and scary
Here under your bed,
And humans bang round
And scare me half dead.
So turn on that light
If you would so please.
'Cuz I got chilled nerves
And I got weak knees."

So on went the light
And back under he ran.
And I never did see that monster again.


Jodi said...

I like it! I look forward to the illustrated version as well. I'll admit I did not read the article, but I agree that a poem, art, a comic, a book can all affect a mood.

donovan said...

i knew there were monsters under the bed!

Brenda Griffith said...

Do it! Do it! Write the book! I am sharing the poem with Jessie tonight. She occasionally gets scared of monsters (she watches Buffy, Angel, Blade, Sean of the Dead--except for one scene... what can I say?) but she has Mortimer the shadow who lives behind Daddy's chair and protects her at night. She will be happy to hear that there are monsters who don't like the dark either.