Tuesday, February 28, 2006

God Bless the Sex Pistols
(even if they don't want him too!)

The vegan muffin of the week is carrot-raisin…but without the raisins and with walnuts instead because I have this thing about raisins in my food. It’s not that I don’t like raisins, I just don’t like them in food. They are fine AS food, but not IN food. Anyway, the texture of the muffins is really good but they are a little bland, and not sweet enough, which I guess is the fault of me leaving out the freakin’ raisins. I had actually intended to put in chopped cranberries and then discovered that I didn’t have any. I had dried cherries but they were not chopped and I didn’t feel like chopping them and thus they are carrot-walnut muffins and they are fine. They could be better but they are fine. Next time I will add the cranberries. Perhaps they will be better. Is this truly more about my muffins than you ever wanted to know? Because I will stop with the muffins now.

Oh, and god bless John Lydon (that’s Johnny Rotten to you and me) for knowing who he is and always will be.

Except for the massive amounts of rain yesterday it’s been awful quiet around here….hmmm…that’s kind of unnerving…


Jodi said...

I heard about the Sex Pistols thing yesterday...it's good that they are living up to that whole punk attitude thing!

dave said...

so do you spread "rich creamery butter" on your vegan muffins? i know i would.